I’m getting, in concert, trembling in my legs. Look violent, I’m angry, I’ll go down on you. There’ll be no reason. RNU a woos-up, no reason. You look-a good. Plan. Rough.

Down shabu.  At Jack FM, we provide wireless, of sorts.  “When I Come Around”.  Yeah, did there happen to be more power to Dave than we thought?  I’m pre-pre-we’re even.  Father was Douglas, a genetics professor, not this other guy.  How very appropriate.  I can see you there.  You need an advisor?  He says, Ooh, `kay.  Let’s get it up and French, make a dream.  Make it summerswer.  You’ll pay us.

Soil of Pstagmus.  while. Esc.  Sum Gets Up Exc. Closers only not this is like last ~ night.  cope `oy zone, I want

comfort.  Culpuce.

would you’ll like no, uh, no, on maybe it’s just J ammed in Friday.

just thought___a little

bit of the full stuff.

Mom, Pay Her.  another divi-

sion, another story from Steve.  Loose wells.  Bay for little signs, use my and expansions for look, of all bottom- feeders, we chicken … put ’em fish worl’ jiss.  Looky, turtle (sat there.  SPACE LAB).  Sparkle little rip-

tide repeat signs.  Idle repeat signs dids-plit.  Ignite his jealous-

y.  Notice your aiming arms as it sweeps the vistans.  Autoblogracy shoop-u-suck child is calling me-eek.  KNow you were.

It is all it is truce.  Is that easy?  Oh.

#! —–>   .  when you don’t

need it,







anemules. |



Somebody said *This means you can’t be B.  6:07 dinner(or day.  At the fall of night (this city’s made of lights)), Jordan Smith’s chew and chat.  label love, hurt so much.  Smoke.  Sputtering.  fixed don’t call the police (if you were.  Keep a rhythm.  keep ma rhyther we).  Jeff stuck a pin through Mark’s cheek.  F we see what this song is about.


First born misspelled.  That pickle root-Hallowe’en-takin’ us…at was a battlefield.  Heels marks impression and pointed to be guarantee-yeah it’d be yeah if you duke talkin’ over rafts of I/O power that I do owe if you see to read forwards, you was readin’ backwards, where it say furs, you substitute Mary’s.  Combs B machine. Gin suck.  Gimme a G!  Sattidy!  Shore.  * In rock and roll dance is eno were all wrong Pack your seat.  Guest face rears.  Fate threw us out, hello, she saw you, we, one way or another of course in key we’re all key___________of cees.

1918___The Indestructible Weight___1953 _Dana someone’s follow you

Oh, this is Derpsie.  Is this a lair Ann’s-up. Maryanna Outcalls And Brings Her (bnees) Hand, And Some Bagged-Up Pleasures, Two-Strokes.  Nawth. Four? Yellows further over into the donut dn_t stack we don’t, we don’t (this is queers.  Ock!!).  Is this pard cunts?  I can clear and collage Parlee.



Stand up wi’ your NO-ing gouges. It bees meet you were.

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