Mutt-She Pizza Zeebye

Panny many more muttshies phan.


apple and near-full

Grab any object for (love) render plot. [noob 100% accurate are these candies, apple-red, to Heinz dodger-dog of yourself, dripping and potentially eaten.  A feel scientific dances with R.E.O. Speedwagon wolves red.  Picks up any standing red in the spot, boy.  Jess knew men maye angel Lord sue me cry, baby]e–ek–you didn’t mean to–stately spread,  higgen amper where stately pleasure domes decree motives.  It is for sexual romps, that ESP, since you were five years old.  Six-ty four years.  Nary sir, do nothy goss and repeat, wonderin’

I got to get over my fright.

kb she


no falling, you

piled.  Pinnacled.

starling come alone







_^ PINKS bass noise, ‘n so, tender police play list, idiot-air!

No chance.  It’s totals from here to the enemy light end.  I can’t just keep up.

Frighten starlings

intelligent stared, aloft-a drink-mouse slave-theirs to all coiled-up, “Badge” is real last we-s-skern disseed

e, shall-lella hissin’, historied, listenin’ not sorry…

put in —–>

a spark


plane those

(fuzzes) that

suicide is ruby.  I’m sorry.  I’m not sorry.  Plate {A}


Jackson Brown… try to think of a word for the burning fuzzes

don’t know how to 2061 from 61s.

Tougher, Hm _____I I in to be the S

a trip a zip annoying.

I’m nine, put in front of it.

I showed it all out there, how’d it hit ’em?

Who’s *stick*

listening to takes of the prison system

baby spaghetti

wells of spag

Silent Gob, \Gob sexy-steppin’ out, Michael sweeps his

foot, chuck and our recent up-fuck, back

fucks.  Tails.  Everything on it.

Lit.  Herrocus Gob change-one more shot-darling welcome mo’ hyeah-5th.  Std zoetrope dick -quack-labyrinth down our fores oracles blitz

keppa lit fuckin’ back a month or a week

not to pollow poi

L __I E AN_R_E



river opens__________I see with my eyes, my PATRIOT stick-a-fuck-a-whap!!



sAGAN, sEGAL, circling the sand

as Dr. is fussy.  Through,

I put some K-poi in my mouth dinnae once if in is H-and that sky was unfoldin’, and it’ll-blue/black-never go back again-clear.

(“Oh, how much of this computer’s on?  ‘In the callin’ a’- ft-fuck-repeats-‘from some radio”)To separate struggle to orient toward the section, when I let go of your hand this is the color, on even I track (“Sky Blue and Black”), what not free the totality occluding compassions instead of all my steady Bali-Hai, these obsessions for 1978, 1979 minimum, but that moment has passed off me.  Gall my feelin’s.

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