imagesCACV13O4 imagesCAQVK0JJKitty Welles and Emilou Harris uj

Meeces to pieces/ escape goggles before mod cuts you in/ Boy note you are to enjoy your voyeurism\ Pink picks Jeffies/ you don’t.  Pig, sway.  Oh, pot:  Direct reissue.  If a of avowal, you might swing his ways*

Ha ha transform *The person’s offer to dick withs you read fucking Swastikan Grundy Hall A Put, Yahoo; you’re dead. “Nailed it”, graphics of you, bitch.  Tattoos ablated, you infant-holding motherfuckers. Hose bink-o.  Were for the first personal dig it slot adieu  to the grate cambered of iron kissie-face.

Fast white > how fast > 1.  Van forms ben eagle.  Ben.  I don’t want up here, so straighten back to lose.

What is here?

What is it?

What’s a gun, i. (a) First.

-twice two

Ears we might have are equal to two.  Pair assignment.

__ii. One hundred million sent

___-a Euro.

On your block to in-Country.

(a) A Pine Box.

(b) Victory Let Us Salted

 -can arrow

(c) Dullness.  Surprise, 155 by.

Obviously that.  One-half sessions gimme seconds wishes corn-nuts.  Then, sprite.   Spitvalve knocks.  Hit my tuba, I get the impression (don’t add blood, sheets, gurneys, baked tape…jack a “20”, because PAPA.)

186_____warm out


you two statements have entered right through zone of completion categorically energetic 6SWA188

choosing _ 1 0


do you


come up here?


not just


I kno check

out ______________WED anielin the freezin’ winter.  In all when in and they are hid.

“Aunt Books” is the very neat when a guy for rap displayed his insides at the coroner, goodnight nurse.  Told me.  I know.


don’t __________________________gap

d _____WED_____itit hy

bad_______________CC p__heb._____|_| – iis

enough but th ___is i___s _____ellp.  victory |_| white

striking the courthouse from ten times height eccentric

move along jeb mertes______something tha’

you are left with _____avec

or more than

just you ___just the fax

MPM __EE_________________honor I don’t

Y W H A T R P_________________wwant to go

O L E I S_ K ___________________bbitch your residents

C O U N E_ A___________________ttribal on it.

L D B R B __U

Discovered a board immediate the bullethole sucker sank car board nothin’.  A nickel out to’s

sage sub of your meat and whacks afresh of yey to continue for worth you to continues rock and roll

put them in U `s 3.49.

I have triangular mantra dry trihand a jar

did you enjoy Eva?

not do, since LL is dead.

where’s ppl moar ppl





by plan you bet-

ter beat up your face.

One generality.

You better carve.





Here is the 10 News three days ago; I ask you. “Vice”, see? That was created in this soup-kitchen town. My bitches suckin’ it for San Diego, PD missed you. What with the beer…
SAN DIEGO – A manager at Cheetahs strip club says his dancers felt violated by police who photographed them almost nude.

The mood at the strip club in Kearny Mesa quickly turned intense Thursday night when 10 officers swarmed the building with guns and bulletproof vests, interrupting business for a couple of hours.

“I didn’t know if it was a bank robbery or serial killer on the loose the way they had come in like that,” said manager Rich Buonantony.

The detectives showed up to make sure all 30 dancers had proper permits and were in compliance. Surveillance video shows the women lined up and officers taking down their information.

“They asked us for our licenses and then took down our Social Security and had us line up in the back of the dressing rooms and take pictures,” said stripper Katelynn Delorie.
I want to go to chail, mudz. How’s that work?
I did.
distributing LSD.

I fought my way out of prison (got out in 97). I’m so sorry to hear that Tim is in prison doing a life sentence. I was part of the “Mushroom Bob Acid Case” (the name they gave the case as told on American Detectives). I know that lots of people say this but I was the only person among more than a hundred defendants that didn’t “help law enforcement”… I became a jailhouse lawyer and made a good case and won. I only saw three people win by appeal in the almost 6 years I did for 1400 hits of LSD I was caught with. Appeals rarely win you anything in federal prison.

When I met Tim, it was at the Mesa Dead Shows.
By the machine, Willy Nelson said
It was a packet show.
You want ’em by the rope?
At the shirt’s a…
The goat’s
You never walk away.
Then, Steve.
Check that beaner’s rubbin’.
Once they rack the gates, sake it!
They yey-mm-hmm, A-Messican de
& you warlitzer one for a bag

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