A Geish Ducker

Well, knock it on, Jones.  Azzirit, unplug it.


West of salad.

At No Time Earth’s Beauty

Is In Beauties

Motherfuck a parka.

open us nope.

NEWS P.W.T.B.  Depth of a white trash back.  Meaggied.  MettallicSA.  done Done, water war, go get your brother.

We have it.  It’s out of the list.

Are done ready?  Starin’ at my television ______________ nothing eet stops

Know where he lives _______________Nothing.  Stop!

It’s starin’ back at me. _______________financial modified

TOOTERS ______________ MODIFIEDmodified  (and make jelly slide).

N(Psi(hail))UO_OT_TEIN_____________C-Y ____ blue-pers ____skeiny

Merrit is what we cheer up, what water that we cheer up that meta scene; Goose Barton up in the Coit Tower.  We’re get a large for it, honey.  Naked corner of love, makin’ a keyboard pound.  But, when I’d go to paddle, a “no”, a “don’t do it”, a thought in front of it.  No responsibilities, no Benecias, no auf weidersehn fax, Urf facts, might be in details.  I’m Lot, I’m air.

Enshragnation Of Without Pity
I shall be releasing sulfur water. I have already afford market. There’s wrestle, there’s one slave adue, there’s a dupe, Mon Dieu, who’s theirs incompetency. I wrote they’re dead, so tits or GTFO! Off the street, see? There’s adieu, Thieu. Move pumpkin to Halloween. That’s connect where c occur to where. Pres. N.
Potatoes au gratin aphasia, keep yourselves all pastured off how French does.

Draw’t Tin You Was-Hog

Put Then Some Down-Hired

LSD Put First, Then Some Southern

Payer Is Downhired

Alac crit us…thenury O.

exhaust forced equali-

fications wrote up as

bade skillfully mounted (x)pPpo(author)Poe

Numbers of SWEved ___________________forgetbrokemforget passing rekkerd

Take a li’l rest.____________It’s white______Under pressure, that’s sweet.

Fooz can find a hairless geisha tonight, that’s two bucks tomorrow, a tomboze fuck of a buck ‘quire buckshot turn vegged–uh stuka.  Bear back for address of Rather (meet you there (insert for us, Queen Jane (inert, made so by une presice), two hours today)-You Box-xy-ren)t(U-back(a x-zone) color me gay, their in me gay), don’t trample these connections in Kamma O Blood.  Where I am coming cf-from-hooboy.  They’re silent.  There’s a salad like talking Johnny the early Kennedy Assassination Dharma Bhoddisatvah drt fgt.  pervet this is psychoprobability.

for __RRLLRather_____I miss dope.

pervert this is psycho billy _____I ain’t insane.

Barroom a glint.  Uh-huhh–

cannibalize?  Austin,

uh-huh.  Why?  Cause ‘n f hunn

fuh-hufn. . . I’m

duller than my soccer teeth epochal

mine-butt, pickin’ it. _____with a relli one word in a song

came after__thatthat sees a bnote


provides the future,

of music,

out of any chemical methods of elimination

Time |NP| places


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