Goose Barton

hurt me to spink fedder foppers bent joint whre’s he get in on my load?

round some sport folding cash only gets us, then you, they’d fail if I get laudanum first.  to NOT dream olive ut

ter pits fruit out, jotties not fruit.  Sanka.  Freeze-all come a-get out the water.  Said ‘n that’s not a melody.  What I been smokin’

That’s one percent pack.

I get that.  Two iron boats meet, one says I want to read beat poetry.  One kills the Merrimac and sails off to profit from Steve Billinghurst putting a price on the shit that this shit price brings, from old suicide deal #3 to brand-new ghucks, and  fucks closer theah  I atomized the deep appreciation of their total slaughter and mound up of psi.

Then 8 was from own-boat.  The next linear terror will be from, well, I believe it is a wish.  I believe the front on.  There is no happy with methods the President spreads.

Michael Stipe has said in interviews that the lyrics are about the Generation X phenomenon in contemporary mass media, sung in character as an older critic whose information consists exclusively of media products.

I wrote that protagonist as a guy who’s desperately trying to understand what motivates the younger generation, who has gone to great lengths to try and figure them out, and at the end of the song it’s completely fucking bogus. He got nowhere.
—Michael Stipe

Guitarist Peter Buck explained why the song slows towards its conclusion in an interview with Guitar World magazine:

The truth is, Mike [Mills, bassist] slowed down the pace and we all followed, and then I noticed he looked strange. It turned out he had appendicitis and we had to rush him to the hospital. So we never wound up redoing it.
—Peter Buck

The title of the song is not original to the band, which Buck explains in the liner notes to In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003. It refers to an incident in New York City in 1986, where news anchor Dan Rather was the victim of an apparently unprovoked attack by an assailant who, between beatings, would ask, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”

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