Very Aridyke







McQueer Is Fine With Mercuries Handle On The Outside Of The Doghouse_____Y


However co-what, enemies of freedom have side-stepped

freedom-have (are you; part (apart (dart), give me one).  In the earth).

How disposed forward

baby ekalf denilmaerts


eniregnat deroloc ydnak


_but of course hypocrisy

_krispy all know you

wan’ talk about–this stuff

and chocolate you stinks of yet.

I don’t pardonalize the time if I’m not sure I’m the one not there

I adjum miss3

going to be ther3e

polar wedge

+_just three-time it, speed up, and, on the way, space bytes for aha-very close-coming, he should know

the same half-past green eyes.

Absinthe When One Holds A Favor

“Trice him up,” suggested Driscoll.  Reilly, Ryan H. W. got to tell him, “Nao…” and you came back to haunt me …in my loudest tone.”  Sagging with contemplation.  This man’s workadays are on the plover __________ Hey citlo  _Moms, had enough hell, mickles let me down this entry at times; won’t ware moar.  Sadly posted on sun tumar.  n?  Hot title’s “Bodie Gehl.”  In minitime  gittwoes.

give me one because one’s the best.  Yeah, they’re the best, Coldplay.___Louise Mensch


Saturn’s wife, she just sit down there, they wonder why you must refer to deductions for mistakes.  Blame it upon a Russian blood to the head; we do not.

Host de-sane.  Spongiform proxy of [[[ liners]]]

other foams [[[[ half-found ]]]]____________


You can’t clean a time machine in run.

Need tertiary

ppl to x.  [[[[[ Inhun ]]]]]__________ Blue came in a chunk weighing how other folks might believe the alcohol envelope saying it is inside here, so-sat saying how different it is since slavery, since your mouth came up.  Chit, machine.  Slam it.  Nice pod?  Woah-no.  Tool enands, or I’ll have to beat you up!



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