Panicoid Oohs











And that while driving around, why driving around is a sin, sat here going vulgar.  Jack that kind ana, Santa Ana, an’ a backwards.  I wanna die, they do go okay, okay.  Now stepping into die + normal = man die, die man, an hero, hero a oceans.

I’m deriving around, looking vultures 4PYM406, defreeze of freedom, Koln Hogan, barrette Brown, coulna cao wan’  fine refine Jo Lee to gif Barras, n’ Glenn, a Mona Clyde headache, free of no matter, no lines of maythee guess etholene to get them to mown foreigner.

Jay Leiderman     ‏@JayLeidermanLaw                       42m

GCHQ’s dirty-tricking psyops groups: infiltrating, disrupting and discrediting political and protest groups: …

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Jay, the world is came of Seimens.
I have a great post off Barrett, popups are blocked even though I sinned Microsoft and got owned by a floater, so a e-report of my e-abuse might lead to me wearing niggerskins, posted, since every cock-sucker flying-why’d you do that- a flag spies and will be shit on, personally, by me, since the target-rich environment seems to live metallic. Give it a little metal, insert the keystones in a metal, rip up.  Nothing MS says ya seem to be having hacker problems.
The wark of safety is the usual pliant, death and it being over, tampons, still levelbit.  Beeeeeeeeyout.
Yeah, Nate Yah, they’re doing that to me.  Once my secuity condem caunt cobbestones, ’cause they don’t–and Bin wonder.
I’m fullover dead, so full of it I’m stalk take-to a carrying-out liquor=dead=store, the carnage.  You find us dead in the snow predicting the future fad face light for has jump.
To serious laked up, Coolies, uh, lost it.  Pretty yes, you America cut it at your peril.  It rattles.  I’m really a dog, not a regal thing.  I fall on targets.  I do whatever.  Is muster somebody’s business?  It is.  That; with which go-upping, I kick ass.  What am I fucking doing not torturing that gasbag “El”.
Shit of a conservative natural event has never gotten welcomed here, not once.  I have stars-seeing for all-ya that can not locate after.


…is owned, a disgrace, a corrupted facility of the AZTEC college football syndicate.  When I tried to get new news, a faggot dissed me-oh, software-, so I don’t know shit about whose meth in North County was  just found.  I only reported meth criminals, imagine.  We’re here to help.  I got a whole crew I know running loose in Oceanside.  Detective pieces-of-shit, we’re coming to the bargaining table, soooooooooooooooooon.  I know exactly the landlord and all his children!!  Live it up!!!

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