I guess Billy-Bob is the writest one of you guys.

Speeds up, yeah.  I can’t write all this down.  gentle.

Asian woman next to my moutain of clothes, blocking me from getting to it.  I’ll drop an apology on her

from a height varying from just below her chin to overhead.  The Boudokhan of mountain trees and snopes–sixty-seconds

(cold cuts) shame; I am mercy.  The fireflies are at it, oh-nothies.  here is Julia,

separating clothes because you wouldn’t do it.  Did I put in enough soap?  Yes, it is on the bottom.  Want a quarter.  The eternal questions.



Birth minute.

To Elliptic Space!


F, U, ___run/



___radii to every

look two heights _

___\\_ __________||


I was

Weev} Sargento


Seven stict

| | | | | | |}

._._._._._._.} octo


2/22 As you increase this you carry big around, is tetrations 7 —> 8.


√2__________= 2



Dreaming’ Bill?  Brown’s

fill of there, OUT.

I can barely remember embeds 2009.  Barely.  You can let it out. ____fill for


Have you ever have gee-heard of Barrett Brown?  Knuckle-biter, well add it up.  Spit it up.


____If and only if

____it turned

____I can help

____If and only if

____in a small way

____of a small cause





Long x /|2|\


c |___| _|m____total



1 cm_/__\

Heading and trailing space degeneracy.  Try that one-seven.

For all holes to set where to cut.

isolate the picture’s 21 frames in ” a pure-D, No HOLES


You gonna be have nightmares, twisted

you gonna arrest criminals,

that fate.

Tack em mole V

enough to hurt me, there’s the limit to

what I can vend in Tina Turner tilt.

total flag space agencies



It might be text-onlies.  I suck everything up in  my writing, with another distributive reality, I have humped for months to clear all stale air from my colon and blank out some for you get them some and the edge of dark beard, some as well, great opportunity to swell to the right time.  Be in the wrong place to get it now, so five leagues or for giganitist Huber total leiny cabin seals.

Retweeted by Glenn Greenwald

Considering breakfast? Well, here’s a Democratic strategist making the “progressive” case for the drug war, sorry(deleted).

I want that Errotikka, but not unlike slavery, porn gives you …no.  “Slavery” gives you porn to shut up about.

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