Did du jour ever topspin average and bring your cocksucking-yeah!!  Unnerstand?!!  Your fucking ass with a memory stick.  When we grew up we’d see you a stick as every dick you sucked or bt fucked on whethers.  Don’t care!  as Knight Three.

With an umlaut.

Tropical nights, or square it out of there, I do not enjoy Mexicans talking.  These-I can hear me talk-you’re fine-help me is if the middle can enunique to the balls.  I have no en-gauge.  If I said I ache to hear pots and pans falling-got Pinked, suddenly, aim harsh oes-over zero aim marred-jack it fulls.  Sounds like ten junkies just kissed martledom over Berlin.  Meggs says he can hear himself.  he says if his dick tastes that good that it is dirty.  I believe pieces of shit we’re engaged.  So-ya-show space-kenneth I’m supers critic from ultra crimes or something.  Did the distance experts get the Romius T.shine, hey Kunstler, action.  Drebbin!  an idea brews at itself yer jesse jame Mexican standoff.

I’m going to have a stroke.  IE blocks pop-ups.  I reset it at 11:53.  Now it doesn’t matter where I do, I guess the girls on the way to high walter’s island can carry dead et, too.

You can have anything you want in any averages,  body part crises, “actors space”, as imagination, with a name.  Hotly, and I felt little Asher* has advised that the writer she is would parse an-homici–would be that anger intensely directin sadnessed, vain is another thing.  A first vision is that some perverts exist.  But they don’t-am-have names.  An aug and a jesus mean that …  Jesus is just pressing pants, this toplgy’lls’re, in gnaw the leg offs, with a cricket-metallic-toy of my recent bramodification.  You dent people backwards in their pride hot-n-cold, slick. * hot

So, I never thought liars were all perverts.  They don’t.  They made-up; they (say) ain’t he something, he–twits.  Explaining how deep you are is folly.

I’ll look at scads’ve tonighters

To see if theres’n one night


I dunno, are we pack-

The mud you flipped-over is to screw

Bump-up ____pat

To the let-it _____packed

to increase _____________ with_______ never-nudes I see the noon

the surface area _________levelin’

le violence

by particu-

lating functors

massage ______ etc. ___& ___scare _calf __ Emmet.

S A N   D I E G O

promide pussy

P U B L I C  _ L I B R A R Y



erotikka indeed







Henly 1211____ I’d become.  No more than a word in parentheses.  (3)  hair.


123 ______________ complaints don’t come from the girlfriend when the blister gets drilled through the bend in the windshield, as boyfriend is busy keeping being arrested as busy bee.  Which is pathetic, look at you now, somehow coming around to his bottles of toxins and his Chinese (morgue pervs).  Just–holding– give it time or in a ton of “out”, so the party in earnest is math of the parties which we went pissing for hours, Bip.  Honest {A}s.

Cp DILLON thread Joyce’s (Pis) H-H-O-T-E-L ___ LYR-I-C  ___ divide-up wont’ (decide (dream is ))

recognize any-

l __ (I’m naked) c t h I n g not-stamped.

her cup of Doad seb neffed.  ___ Central Sigourneys compo

(faith in lines)) ___forgiveness (((hazy (She( will take it back and still line up.  Do you know you went this universe.  Part look in stone))))))))))_______ OPP ___ elect (my night fiction is the WHY-DON’T-white-hot with a females, a males, an age, and a slightly juvenile shoplift as a result (shy).

her her couplet. 

You don’t want to fly it on unseasonal referring to (diversions of a mattress talk) the geometry of etiquette as you sink,

the shoes sink_______ And I knew there was a light.  Sugar Bear.  Oh, reference is to homework at the Laundromat; I have my Corn POPS bozzio in front of me.

Got nay thunton, perverts _______ 9 these just like the anvils___I, I…

just need to speak now

J a n u a r y (the hell use) talkin’

about _________moit parrous ____ how












| +__WWhat Lied___________ Watery rules of brains for here we have it illegal to bend down and pick up paramethoxy amphetamine to tried.


(Guy) was caught in a cauldron of hate. Kill ’em. in the tunnels, leaders of the packs.

Truma ____ was is true?  Ellesberg says they say fuck myself from this Harry Reid bastard.




__ o —->

You knew Nixon?  Shame.

So the cock break

Standing with her in the moonlit house.

9, I got a houseful.  I would bring back execution to these united states.  I am promising the gasp when we freak with an instant crippling, especially  is of the back.  My back reminds me, if its home is accessible up top.  Reach you there, turtle, Sue?  You are not a Sue.  Don’t scald me in the monitor blister.  I married a good one.

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