Grl phoned Ipanima that’ll take 3 men 3 minutes

an egg to floosie fluziafloss show God damned Ipanema–

Hump may apply hunks, berms, cut-off slight humor, before, that

I need it hid, being cut-off hard is that I bonered your wife.

I ate heavily in the utter ditch.

I was almost hide flaming dessert.

Rio, Saa

Diserst her.


with a weapon defined as stepping any ō weapon’s bonōsity down–one of our runners get the Obama arm in the head.


gue cadaverine |||||||||| g-g-gotta-gah-gah-gep-God_a chance.


born  2sp sit

you gave your cyclic

rham. _________Stopping any weapon’s op is a weapon; stopping weapons’ employment’s war.  This product space, I am going to cram: Here’s you.

And I am only 40.


Show ahead hands , B4 your in the tenorable twos; you ____LL  ____Know that.  Them…




You made.

A fruit _________ up not hers.


IDAHOSEN ______________IDOWA Foothald

Internet runs out of 102 new memes it never run.

Bus in two years ten days if it looks like a math pzoblem, that’s a schedule.

Aha, I hope that water’s goddamn down, I like that (c: fistpunch)R.  I want them ckemicals shared.

llll llll llll llll lll

in cult, pull

N ____________pulque


B _________page cult gap

M ___________pulque

23-3 defined as 7 people use but freely.  he he hit dutiouser. OR at least produce.


Noogin’ ‘n 5


all winter.

pause it

and yer lead.

Avoid a myth reality means anything to me what does

blk, blue N up.


some glass is under your side of a foot.  Getemotional.  Ked.

ZO ___ ER ___A ____ Outa bounds, interference.

Let’s knock before we tattoo the door.

oh hah, you’re just you.

They’d 1.

I. n-fuck

regraw _________i’ upside-down “fuck”

ii. I got one

“regards _________ _ _

breast _________iii. Fade

j. IF of coerce

paradise came and I

{A} ed {A}eyed.

the rull.

Holes, I can’t be the one of them.

Phone so long as I stand well we need anybodies, yurr jellot didn’t need you anyways.

Kinda citric, Lenny.  The shoefed off.  Little R _DEPT

better on here.

esses.”  The whine K- uh, crimony, WIT

Are you they who got robbed once.  in spite of.

goof the door the same/

are ross plame plex 95!

wil hd it off.  Why will drinking be 96! the code word

9s,9 ___6s9 ___6S9


956    ,     959   ,    5 _6

How is X as state inert one of the meants__ishusmean, meanth < 10?  Fault goes you’re it, inert.  Het.  fth.  Casey.  yen credibly, a flat naw-honyeric

The bend lily tomlin.

wait our balance does it balanced.  Waddappen a stuff onna bala it balan cy wampl up make a sure your stakes are mahogany.  Pussy she walkin’.

come weurist

maze-running |expand|

First you’re not

First you’re not going to take it, then you’re sane.

Marshall, reach, keep, but you won’t or check-a-list won’t–die for me.

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