I’m on the only wall. McQueers

with you

door’s off the stall

Crimping, notice, is a practice which warms the cockles of the most recalcitrant thuggish policemen, the die is peacable, guest 1875.

Ruth Vasquez the landlady has never evicted anyone.  Your toes

will curl, once you see how many people this total criminal has jailed after locking them out.

She employs ex-felons, August the 280-lb ex-convict, and Brian Miller, 6′-7″, size-14 shoes, a devastated, accident-causing alcoholic who robbed me as a cancer patient, for the narcotics given to me by the idiot … whom I never asked.  Tumors do not “hurt”.  Doctors addict patients.  This practice makes writing very important.

Thus pretty much managing to start a wha-t, without Jerry Brown.  Start.

(spot for you)

There’s no substance whatever  to San Diego’s idea.  It didn’t come from President GW.

It wouldn’t–didn’t–come white is (Brown) sie.

Murdering police cited, i. Nobody.

ii. Nobody.

iii. A murder is 3.

iv. Brained in the street.

v.  I like ’em now.  Throw-Is-Up.

No, I’m not aloof to Paris, prettickle

tell the sad tacko shit predict kle

moon._____ thin ovum OOO.

from lovey-do’s


Stay tea kitsches.

I don’t remember the times–

we,… I don’t have the everything.

Suzanne Snowden

This is not a joke.  I refused to let her come to my sixth birthday party, and, her mother tranquilized her and her baby brother (also harelip).  Buster the dish-busser comes home, get this, a soldier in a hovel never saw much; Re: blood.  Up lent.

Hey Ozzie Osborn, blueblub, youse.  You comin’ out to my fucking house, you little bastard?  My son Nicholas you met; you ask if he’d been waiting long.

Concord, Calif.



Lawrence Radiation (LLL)

Berkeley Radiation (LBL)

Bootloose…yeah loose, Oz  (falls off).

Beat loose.

Shore me.

I turned into a girl.

Fuck you, I came from a girl.

She allowed on.  I could ride, so she was a prostitute, not a bridge-jumper.  And not me.  Your folks Ub Iwerks.

He …

I just skayed airy-vouspy

From hert.

Who Warns this cockless San Diego policeman.

Assuming we’ll have a year.

If Nervous Glenn the thief…

Whose toils moving me out.


Relegated to “Bissie”, his car.

A guy you think of

Has to be shot.  Maybe he is.

My footlocker was my mother’s.

Mom and I no second pride.

Lt. Christine Maynard

Fuck you, Dan Rutschke.

Thief’s a wrestling champion, 1975.

Coach Hass, Cypress, 1975: Fuck you, your family, drug-running piecve  shit.

Fuck you Todd Powell.

Christian cocksucker, hypocrite-liar, dick.

Contact me for you need a priest.   Precessially you, Dan.

number of other publications.

The paper, a subsidiary of newspaper giant Gannett, Inc., publisher of USA Today, says that its investigation of Marine commandant Jim Amos may be at the heart of the move.

@Daxall Security


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