dateline  mcdonalds, the usual suspects.  Caio, word.  To lamprey Carrey ______ CCariearie simult as a transform; I’m Navy-weight serge.  Mind someone while they are eating.  I seem to be more fan-Anderson 1914 than a five-cent cigar,

Wallace & Grommet

Have A Cigar

Are you they who got robbed once?  I’m really meant for Justin compos order-not off.  Planet earth.   Nobody names two kids…

I want to know what love is.  I want to see ’em.  Freight.

callin’ of rigid death
keep wid a babe quick-
ness 20 year old
sickly kid plan
a… nim poet, the
first one, Werner, eh? Loan
ghostly apparatus
to who’s a support,
openly, for free suicide
around rejection


reject five-rolla


sigmas all but C-1 cy-1 Do your best under stochastic

verses.  It’s nod, ________________everything

then it’s invade the sun,

Kal.  Sit on a second.

Sometimes you have to beat Harvey off.  ___________Thumb times






What/ Play basketball? B?
jele cloth knot jail me_____________my butter hands

Walkin’ through the compita violence,________ I believe poiky-large I know how to ask for the milk.  College-y. 

capital A.

Be Cool. _________________- Gx

As be, this must.

The crust.  veiner sooner


I, cb, have no tracks, why’m I these shirtsf–?

Solid hand. __________ Your mother nest?

Caribe, not since snipers in the trees, furbag nice-way.

a mira __ dars good I mean 2 birds.  The to-be-served.  I’m acrost papers a year temper kr

case mouse.  Across.

Conception 8’s imagined portholes timing once drifted up to “only”–forget about shrank–case one, all one.  Boo-hoos, low shoes.  Functioning as one (in the past_ rain-bird) a’got-me_________ nuisance cut ________ They bend far ______________ arrangements Collette SDFGHJKL

arrangements with yourself–

the skip of 4th

dim-a, dead


 Bluesixth proofm Bluth _______________________U

siddown, B!___|____________ | one  _________________________________      You got one me on their hooves

2/: when things are ESP and assume

is made, about the a/an New Bluth company-

y would enter their

kewwy __________________________________filings conspiracies

Neighs Frau Blucher two rows up, ribbet. Cricket-sound teacher, is your teacher in prison or dead?  Shaniqua?  Dead?  Is sure is bitter?  Mikey shit.______ 268  ____vewwy ________nice! _______ of a dick

einsatz ____________ Tea, suh? Odd, a dick is emerging from the guy with the buzzed hair somewhere over there, heating.  I can tell rough from the occasional knock.

bettering cases for

Russians and increase|ing

ed__Nevermind certain pheromones.  ______________ Golden Hant

The telephone is ringin’.

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