We are going to take people who work for the government off the streets if they continue; the uniform gives the wrong impression. Now, you are all marks. Ensue traitor bars, to hold traitors fast until the hunt for a replacement for a replacement for execution which patriated over innocents and doesn’t badly, if you take LSD for psychotherapy, then the lawyers give the wrong impression; I do not get one fum Column A. THEY LOCK ME UP, no trial necessary, they don’t give trials for administering lobotomies.

Is yer in for a USB-drive.

I claim Larry of Executive Security sold the best coke in San Diego. The one with the heart of glass is UCSD. People who want synthesis are either pockmarked or dopers, and they recruit foreigners from the job bulletin boards at universities.

Once I came at work, they robbed Larry. Larry froze. He was in Arizona. His roommate upped the doe you get for $35 and I almost died, they roll the sleeve back the guy’s stiff, loaded with track…

So, they make up, niggers and pavement, face first, and they roll.

This is 1978. The “Get It On”, shop–some older acquaintances, having to do with Pierre of Montreals “cream” colored P2P wailer dope, wig-wag…Richard of the widow…oh. Sedona trip, Maui, back again, …the Shop, get this, opens in 1969. The San Diego Police, under the color of authority, are unable to affect its operation. Its old, the “bullet” for inhaling cocaine. It’s the new library! It’s how you find it. They’re thieves. I have a chart for this amount of chattels. Signs say different things, but an order or two of magnitude on a horse, in decency the futile fecal righteousness, means if and only if a young person ate gold…

Presently off shooter used tracker Gilligan’s isle.
we use tensions on o
ccasions other 2’s Y is we______________We’re up higher here.

liable to expire?  Contract a shutter four-five times pingle ($cawe), these coordinate a so–do drive so what you hit has a fossile–the coordinate space, not that logically an angle there is compelling, just that.  Yeah, no, the–what I’m–they’ll detent, is once one comes in, THEY LOCK ME UP, th– e decanted is testimony, no. Burris, the word coming in claiming to deliver that, I mean, “delivered”, the way I get it, is that grok how it is right never to be proved (I spitted on Poe).

Guy here I’m welcome buttfucked ’em to a red jelly, so that must have made us anti-queer, anti-obscenity, than anti-chocolate.

Final U-forms X to a U all around, be not-knighted, made me broken not-niced.  Stead’ll tea– snatters.

The Tensor big T nothing coming up to T.



You’re hungry.  America’s food!!______  tiqsr ___ check that the word means what I need, young man ____Tiqser

Yeah, we just blight the white Americans as all us Mexicans are tight to break the rules which protect fools from Capital.

Melbourne.  Most fibrous. ______-plastic

P.A. sstem wirkt the hair off …

A billion buttons.  Ezackly

Zllery Boswell ________ Zounds! ____________ particle . o____O

I have not recovered agin, having turned animal in the Parthenon, THEY LOCK ME UP, Parenon, Cleese was your shirt.

I had instructions on the wing’s weak fly’s.  Settle.  They were so happy to be Lord of it.  One hold is all you heavy guys need on a cross, a cross, he said cross, it was dying of cancer, toes in the sand, not leaving Southern California?  I’m not moving from a lot less than that.  With radii fractals all the time, as long is quartic.  Dusty, I don’t reach my hand out to create.  I’m one jelly.  That Jim dude, have mercy, he don’t know.

weaks, 1/2 good, even assume harmony.  Get bail-it.  No, you dummed.  I went psycho, psycho, the signs on the doors that say powerfully.  Now, here, Carly, I’m touched here, and here, and I lived in one chuck.  Which sidelight is having me tell you to bank on this, to walk up and complete your access the way you talk to me, the Internet will prey every time it has a what, on the NTP, Nipple Protocol.  Time outs.

What if it appears when he gets that.  We are drinking.  I shant be the least guilty under current covenants. ______________________________________ and claiming r ice came from our mouths.

Seattleites.  You know the one Hera and Echo-could-win, a story; you know.  Draft it.

When you see a flash ____________ camera

of a little structure

like a chessboard

in an enemy’s eye

or to be honest ______________weighed

enou, four square sulfur, an element

grew there.



I stuck on “Northern Song”, where the Beatles lock it dove.  It’s only that there’s no one there, exit one, as none being can be why so long as the chords to play are someone not, escape one, ratchie, then touch Semper Fi to Drew Carrey.

Of my count, by now each day my friend Jay Leiderman is who I think about, my-my, old, and me bein’ braked, itching to use what talented folks under fifty are poised to up, and, this is where ESP comes in free, a framed contact, internet, don’t spoil it.  And, like, saying you suffered, its hump is that a Christian, who tortures for 500 years people, its a definite too-cool, I also wonder what the relaxation of a bug is.  Well, once youy get out of prison, I don’t want to spoil it for you.  What are they going to do for laughing at what is funny, that they take pains to prove they no longer building industrial-scale execution structures…the Christian revels in it, so, you don’t go macerated by their graters and grinders.  Some way.  I get to admire Jay’s face every day; I bought a computer after being robbed by Ruth, $275.  A gun to your attitude.  The redirecting sport-programs since free speech is dust take all my tabs from McDonalds lawn.  My crookeder up is to Google-Images, then a report to Microsoft will n ot be automatically forthcoming to load and exhaust–two hour free library parking only, gots.  Uh, them.

We’re bad here, cunt, can I get in any fuck-youse?  We’re done, yoeu.

 Leiderman     ‏@JayLeidermanLaw                       20h

I wonder what % of my atty-client communications are listened to by the NSA, what % are stored, and what % shared with other law enforcment

  • Absolutely. Always. “@musalbas: @JayLeidermanLaw but I suppose it would be common sense to discuss sensitive issues in person anyway.”

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