I made a zero 2/14

to tell Dali, post and

to lock slummy down as dope-responsible

parrots breeze through luncheon


seagulls’ shadows


I find the mathematics of Wikipedia readily part the molecular orbital cocaine theory in lower dimension most adequate ly.  Some wreck it for you, but at root, even a scorched or storched fortune’ll  parakeet or budgeriedier, in a dick rainbow going out instant noodles.


G.H. about?  G

jeeaitch ya mouf

stick antimon_______Y

har cat harn land of the winter that all suidie is going to play.  1/26

But his speech failed to redeem

this promise.________________dope

Any of your locals cut bread, and come at me, …(snipped away), slipped away.

FORMALISM: Thought you knew better.

Homages_____________moms pail

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