A girl you are just mad about above good and bad to you,

says her thoughts are private,

more pirvate than her jewels.

be throughput, snoid-style.  Pullin’

Sancho this time next street over.  Roll me up,

Left me down.__________death


this is a test______________________jet about

_far about


my life’s coming


The double-neutron_____________He field lithe am’s gone thrice

MT counting T-minus

IT counting T-plus___________befall

/______________music proper vol_____\

???/ ________________in your tour,

A live-minnow AI ___out-

flux, ie of a dead minnow it was (+) a loser a Scrodinger’s cat.  Still no Boxxy._____pretty be

1999, You Ken Me?

Unless I’m ‘spectin’ a machine-gun in the mail, and I’m not just Ken.

______________________ discovered (UCSD patents, the discovery yields to a scientist that haploids must express the genes you are testing, they’re all bacteria.)  Union-Tribune rev-rev-rev- (*sigh*).  Cops killed the passenger after a high-speed chase.  The passenger was Grothendiek.  He’s stateless.  Grothen–geeky.



Moving the undiscovered patch of number we they think of hiding are our behind sheer drapes at the centroid address

here sadly unrecoveravle…her cycle–b-babble .  Up till the woodpecker sighs.


Tim Price The Informers 2008

Tim Price The Informers 2008

I’d have to curb my enthusiasm of breaking glass stabbing into my body to hide it. See it stuck in the glass, perp?  Why doesn’t–the |S| looks like it moves bec shit cooled down from lower to high beyond static, or Magellan left it.

It’s a character for don’t do this phenomenon made, with the syntax widget compared to all the characters.  Add ’em up.

Am’ll Am Hired.

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