His Vagabond Muscle His Bag-Of-Bones Maple Out And Sustain

Him, any more appearance or is that where you big at?  That’s preem Delaney you got those parked on I don’t wanna scoot.  I’m according to you play aroun’ wit, I go inside, like outrun my bullet.  “Man, niss-” shuttup.  I’m a poor man in the district giving a shot to tinhorns, new piece of tin here.  Arright!  Like cows, day was like Friday?  You’re a naturist, I’m an atheist/anarchist, cut to sourdough in winter.  My wife’s still unsure what I’m going to say; my wife’s Elizabeth, gay and Before Christ.  I’ll wait outside while you guys write my post.  I’m an eighties-baby, I fall where it rains petties.  Things appeared as objects, as intimates, we ran over, fixed the lamp, throwing the potted-palm, which is a part of a computer.  At that, I unwrap her cocaine bystander.  We rat.  Here on, the fruit of the psalm-labor to carry my identif–if I got it back from the cops.  You want bacon or ham.  It’s priestly.  Bye to the bacon.  Find it dead?  Are they running up?  The Dahlia was dal was they.  Assault they made mustard in here?  Coobie said one could talk on my phone as long as I stand.  There’s something there waitin’ down this road, I’m pickin’ up…

EmmettKelly I still like_I_m_workin_at_ You Can Bunk At My Place_diem_like the future_is_death

EmmettKelly I still like_I_m_workin_at_ You Can Bunk At My Place_diem_like the future_is_death

He said it, home, end, we don’t have ice tea, keep all the bullshit straight ahead-I’m workin’ that.
That addict.

They call me Maurice, ohh-wooh-wooh-ooh-wooh, whooptie-fuckin’ do.


I’ll go right up next to her. She’s goin’. I’ll go and stop. She’s going where the necks don’t stop. You got Althea quim met? Saber through the President. Say will. Through the presidential suite.

I’ll go, then stop. I’ll coop a child.
No-works better than that. I shall approach the gate, turn, and go away from the traffic.

Do you want a box or records of Stephen’s detention by the police on July the Sixth, if that’s Diaz? Okay, the ketch Kettleman Hills Dina Morgan silver dollars powdered, extremist doll. Sorry? Okay, then. I’ll k-swing by. Excellent. Junius.
I grew dead waiting for your inseam to get a kink.

Get a key from around my neckmistress and it is to gum.

I go to a getaway had you been serious about turning so as to not stream yellow piss away from that suit. Order crabbus?

Long ago, when Dave’s of old, if you can clarify,

please do.  “All I can telk you is you gotta be free.”  Callk a >l, rl|, rl|

I’m chicken of the free, Aerosmith.  Friend o’ mine, Rio

Zoetrope.  I didn’t try to steakl it; as if and only alone

would it evers, honey mud must’ve mustard and I know what you shall name it.  Fat-

so was not afraid of its shadow.


Figure it seize me when you’re drunk.


can they see that?  I’ve what?  I douche.  I’ve done my (mocking) time, Mung-Ming.

The Marry-yed


Is Fe Feinstein so, “Diane” marries,

or do I go “A”

Asfi c(t) Newop,

such being nec

s: exactly long and exactly now _____Anauthlope


ESP ladle 8 Mile caret, somp’n against…

Fill out the feke-council of

how Kal-El went broke.

sd lt


Take off the parking brake for the first the time, gotne fish?  Serapes eight.

And, de-

extirpate, repeat

do tirpate the Reeve’s back._______ in________/_/ _and give_?

Metallic An huge

At least how much wrong coke is.______Throw it away,

 blow it away.


It may be something.

repreganated ______________ I let you see the parts.

Kix, one of three, one meso _________ You never met my rat, Zsa Zsa.  You can fix it.

SekkiShape of an “L” on the forehead.___________________Where,

a space with a bullet

o —-> o _____ toto the assignment

is threaded.

x an uninf,  infinite an uninfi approaches zero.

It’s ItsKahuna’s where? _________ boborder-older-when I’m wider

Khnes, rhymes with


Put points where you have to, sim rates she copies, Machiavelli girl, love case.

Whre you robins have to potpourri loop poor, smooth criminal.  Sit by the giesel love-cage.  Look out the window.  See the lucky homeboy.  If the leg and foot operates with a sentimental big green ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF bus lookin’ atchoo.  daddy, rotate, rokay daddy.  I {A} and that one’s a wet hack,  CAR Jack.


Dusty Springfield heavy black makeup, very modern, hot in the spots.


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