Whose Gut Name Mary?


m(7,5/) ___Regenua Don’t see you here in the universe, a network so fast it cools; if you’re connected ____________ drop me amt lambda’d frosty____________________Regebua 2 nut

U bein’ Montagued ______ @ _____-Willow Facility

in front of the negroes_____ @ _____You going to make it?


in a shrinkin’ market

Flannelled by surv–

Auctioneers.   _______________avarice Ajolla

Geb badges a joola

Torch To #22#_Ti_ Nail By Weedist

Torch To #22#_Ti_ Nail By Weedist

auvarice god damn you S._|d.s.

Dellae Walter Spin Dellavu

Pretended I was in front of James Watt.  Pretended I was Lady Professor Joan.  Don’t make any difference.  Said want to just see if I want to go to high school.  Which is itself candy-asser like a boss, a paddy, kind of hippie-chicks ahead really sincere.  But, I’m stoned, varlets.  In the pate with a ratchet.  Feel like shit.  Lieutenant, take the Sergeant to loot our local Indian band, the Kumeyaay.  Do you have enough rain?

I found more, Mom.  A skull in Junior’s head.  Odd, a part of my brother head.Ossified putterrand.

You are one just fooling around.  No wonder there’s no future in it.

It takes more to get onscreen cutaways acting; do I talk throughout?  It’s a lot more work.  Past is over a barrier, so harder is just worse, you’re (Me!) twoed, lattices behind.  Almost chaolf–compos\ition-book sane, destination n-bilinear unital 5.  Worsening.

Lt, never move, data…|/ aisle.  Failed to survey.  One point:  I felt so bad I didn’t survey any other points, nigger.  Did my friends.  Did they either redeem their poisoned apple?  Crispy-dent.  I want to use the same-injured ad hoc poisons and leave above the parallel in question taps for the Red/Blue Canadian Mounties.  Puttin’ my neck on the block for net five, netting five years, chickenshit cops.  Is that okay, or…?  You gone?  Stomach, ne’er-do wells.  See, on a bivouac I wear compounds whose attraction to the following urbans:

Use a wig for ourselves.


Leave ’em what they are;

off, once, twice, off.


You’re never coming back._________________ products

THURSDAY ___________________ 9696969

I’m thirsty. _______________________ Be quiet! I don’t know what day this–that is. If you were a pound of beef jerky you’d know when three days were up. I love you, Mommy.

One Response to “Whose Gut Name Mary?”

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