KLECTO__RADIANCE __BUCK__FUCK ________________________(?)______________

Thoughts theory:

Three negro juveniles

The niggerreolization

We’re a many-mercs on the regdalliance, alimentary coughing all the way down to the rectum during a klepto-buttfuck, too funny to pierce yet too letticum, dad gummit, yet said her twenty-first century, and that it is history in one breath like they do.  Drop the ball, the whitewash de-chloride declaim you better pop to, because–ooh.  I’m doing the deers-in-the-headlight.  Too, bling, come income.  Fool, too fierce.  Pierce-patch us in on the smell, for own.

rex ten dsi ggl eda lli anc e____e can ill\ ade\ lgg isd net xer

need a second point field___|d| lei ft__n\ iop \___ dno ces ade en

r ext end sig gle dal lia nce___ecn ail l ___\ad e\ ___lg gis dne txe r

 _e can ill __\ade \ lgg isd net xer

tennis racket, how close we lookin’ … down or up to double-spoon.  I don’t do pup-bliss-peripheral, that’s night, not–just say tuned to free doves  in the sun bracket.  Whoever I want wasn’t looking tough or devilish.  I’ll give you a handsome.


Oregany  _________Oreorgany __________ Oreregan

That’s one for the books.  So much for the one.


O ___O ___M

I____S ____H

F _S_ H T_ A_ _Y E R P


A __Y __S R)_E W Y G E

S__H_E_I_T_H_T A _R

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