I don’t mind, Giz, if I have it, for I am cruel.  Crude_____“good



Nervous/ How’s it goin’? that matter

Fuss?  A different color you cn’t see is om-jee-act object–a second object of lettemgo same brewed is less or something about window–room with a couch–use is abrupt.  Sign timidly.  This partition sink name synchronic mames SSB.  S —–> oda E (19, 5) from above to pen next B.  These coins peak and latter through a one-foot filmy visqueened—still Sammy variably owned as a peasant owns a graveyard–you turn around–nets an action of not one but as many as the superior angle as observed all afternoon breaks the body up into, another second to hop back whole–“wall” gap which is your arrow’s uniqueness translated to how many dimensions are then up, a tuple (63,9).  Tramp, rent zeniths dill weed sbillinghurst to you.  Walks to you.


1:47 P.M. the pie-eyed, churches, Mary-eyed__1____30____14

M-Fight Occur.

All objects will assume a new position.  for

I mean, take a tug, boater.  Lift.  Whatcha get?

Alphaaever on THE TEAM put-on__________manmankind is going on, you.  Cocks’ hollowness blew us up.  Yer creams!  Coming on-you.  Lay there, tubgoat.

Share it, WordPress.

…ink  odd all: Neat!  Excited the bulldozers never removed the /b/ cups record, andth airplane in is sleeping.  Bactine Nicto Saer

Score one for Tor Ekeland, a.

Wampum factory, 20th’s closure–still make a moneylike product  you turning my lead–try to have tongue money …we’ll manufacture it.  I’ll try to grab it with both hands if they were strong [BTK].  Y’see, it’s not 50,000 years of scallops–scalps–and tongues–If it’s not 100 years of “wampum.”  The brighter fathers let youth fight~her there–a woman let’s see, paunch kata goes like thus.  And you’re too busy to fluff it up.

cuckin’ sock?

Cookin’ socks, dumb Indian.  __________________________ Feel for his… monster_____ WWhat?

um, a feeling roughly approximates another guy’s feelin’, right?  He said if I, “feel me”, meaning him.  I’m too close to there, I’ll spread back out, decontract.  Get ready with a Trojan.

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