Little 149.

using max plus, no misunderstated capacities.  Vissisitude, sois.  Oh suis.  never go to that place again.  But then, who’s listening.  A bunch ya, Toots.  Stacked, not hope-y bope-y.

dangle cried

Ah, say, you–I say, you coulda had dey… stopTalkinette.  Searing precious children, your drop’s up, see?  Tha’ bitch is Fungo.  Got five years last month._______ and she cool lye cause what.  (3-years): at she could order drinks.  (Sizzling).  Burn that baby up.  Don’t give up my mother Aesop, hey Nay beakers on the side,

Bacon on the side.______ my mother_____  you figure it out.  No, then.  I’ll go first on your junior:

 Cuba Gooding is another Martin Luther King___________________________Jr.

A-#1 ready. You really want to go up.  You just pull the string on the glory hole, and I’ll freak go right up to her. Planet.  How far?

images imagesCA2CWVDX pinupgirl5 Polk imagesCAJBEO7G

The older generation
waiting [STRATEGIES]
Not waiting [ -D]
Somebody’s “elder”

generation is [JD-]

“extinct”.  You are [D?]

lying at your age._______ I was upset up just power led me out.  I say, Abe: a shiny penny all the way down there.  501 neighbors imply a secret _______ something about 650 doesn’t.  get (she has admitted.  partial this in strappy)

To say that these, this, that, “this”, are not known to you.  Knock someone in, fini?  They returned to infinite.  $5?

High speed.

brb brb

if ys = end job

_____ A___|

It has a score

Love, Love

pieces of

 __complexity i4y

handled by many

others.  _-_-_-_


__________________July 12

I am staying here at the Inn for two weeks with my uncle Nat

and Aunt Jule and I think I will keep a kind of diary while I

am here to help pass the time and so I can have a record of

things that happen though goodness knows there isn’t lightly to

anything happen, that is anything exciting with Uncle Nat and

Aunt Jule making the plans as they are both at least 35 years old

and maybe older.

______________________ R I N G  L A R D N E R

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