dq________________________ dum

get tweedledee.  Chicken-out?  Just because…

“just because” es silver me.  S EB

4xDW (6, 12)

D_________you two insects

I got taps.




Ah, I was sky writing


oersonal ass-lickers of the above the.

All what they’re good squid’ll

you, um ______________________________ prostitute

baby yum._____ Goosebumps

My owner Averil told me the hint.  A Cox truck was parked at Wendy’s, Dave dies twenty years back, I …I… 8, have we the .  Have we these?  I have the internet now, and have a lop truck staked-out.  All we need is a… sign of a table popping-up out of the desert and clomping away, sloping.  Outta sight!  Outta wine!  Cut me!  Get away!  Outta mind!

imagesCA0JQH76 shutter cocks imagesCAP1DMOE imagesCAUSVQYL

Ju __t _____ cau se __S E B


jh Say the “Jackie” (Blue), after the 3-ball

shylock _____ You/Me


then __say the foadie foan

better get ready for bed,________________________This one’s got a very quiet beginning.

school starts tomorrow.

need out.  _____ Bar materializing.


All from “the flagpole greasers”, to, “Showing Weenies”, and who knows which is which

in the beginning___________________________heat

goes around a weeny

Could there be more references than the size of the liquor store could alple  be a tart flavor

We’re robbing? if 17-lettered live … without

Fer the Hans was illic itly_______________  lis ______ {12,19}

raped.  His value increased upon inthertion.

lic_____ _____ponder

Diametrictrix Veinality Light For?

Eek us until we memory art K.

Flushing __________ Probably

“Fukushima” one-word does wol wor Fukishoba … my liquefaction zero–

|if|_____ rocks your way.

zeroride ____let me hold you do not honor a one-five grievance two-fived Fudd.  How can you hold me back when I have to go hit some shit person?

what were you thinkin’?  ___________ There are no ways to communicate dignity and respect.

Z’s fusel Scotch  _________________Nice and corrected, yea, hopefully you don’t have a Cabinet to juice.

Hopefully die spinner than cigarettes._____ Crutch

Brad gates on the Newporters’  Npt. Bch..  Ppl  pPlx  ppx ___ x, of

former sheriffin’ baggin’

Settupadin_____ Bilbo-ing.  Homa,

homō. __________ Homōlogy.

moleic ___malicus ___MeLad

of b finder?

s finder___________________________________- search (S)

wb is an idiot

unrelievedly the wind.  Bradbury, R. N. (later told me Robert)  _____ saggium

writes John Wayne’s

broken-wand Western, “A Sidewinder”, John Boat ___ Oh, pray is._________________ bna

_____________________________________ Oh, try it?

___________________- Against John Wayne’s way?  Underneath, he’s extremely skilled, frosty, and uh…

put him in flame __________ Do you okay Donald Duck’s use?  _____ e-mail funnies.  (lean over it)

______ ice __________  valley-fried homō and

fables and miths

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