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*platinum alloy catalyst gauze nitric acid plant I think right it’s nitric oxide product from ammonia

Would YOU Solve The Dirac Equation?

____________* *

Near the end of the year I was in Brazil I received a letter from Professor Wheeler which said that there was going to be an international meeting of theoretical physicists in Japan, and might I like to go?  Japan had some famous physicists before the war–Professor Yukawa (with a Nobel Prize), Tomonaga, and Nishina–but this was the first sign of Japan coming back to life after the war, and we all thought we ought to go and help them along.

Wheeler enclosed an Army phrasebook and wrote that it would be

nice if we would all learn a little Japanese.  I found a Japanese woman in

Brazil to help me with the pronunciation, I practiced lifting little pieces

of paper with chopsticks, and I read a lot about Japan.  At that time Japan was very mysterious to me, and I thought it would be interesting to go to such a strange and wonderful country, so I worked very hard. ___________________________________________________RPF

Boom How Sands Hold Up



I bet Ray

Norman Bradbury

Not everybody thinks I-

anonymity is a

positive, so no-

such-agency has

made that, Millicent.


Good, anger in.

I anonimny nah nda

ain’t nah, I’m thoroughly a

daeerr ding ringer.

Clowns, I surrorly mailed it

due post.


Solvey–cunt solve -y_______ fault my lack of God, it’s them in alt. copsuckers Called up-Dezille, 93rd years.____________ Corpsmen!  Outside! Mum broke her feathery bones.___________Come een here.  You left. ________________________________That Backyard

___ \ ___Y


T E T _\

A C K __\

E T T____\

____\ ______E

W H I _T  T  Y

T E T  \  T  A

A C K R \

W H \_T  T  E

T E  I  \  T A

A C T R \


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