Let’s Go Besays She Said

Anxious on my day I rain the police onto my own objective roof.  The rain,

and my voice is raw.  In time you, graced with attitude,… it’s okay-mm?  The ape

at the casino looks fair.  Once you’d go on

goons go into legal limbo, we call the police, they say come again.

The bait wave is I got a sore throat.  What’s this named after?  How quoted it is down to its innermost

Sunday night?  What an inspired Jew.  I’m a lady in broadcast priv-risty, y-know, despise the hairs.  I have an hair joke.  Bad beginnings.  In some kind of love, however peaked as a Y, the styles wished…maybe April’s wished.  The differnet ankle they instanced to the free speech to keep the pirate radio on the run,

is their attitude so people who believe in mental illness can make a pattern under the nuclear umbrella we marry

or nobody believes an ankle who carry the whole time signature, leading it out as if cars stop to see the new physics, and that paranoid schizophrenic vessel fried.  But I am cool now, en guards.


I’m posted right behind.  Shit.  That ruins a joke.  I’m going to re-

race it.  Direct advantage?  Well, whores are box and your mother’s on first boxed-in… broken-neck 98.6 for more smart ideas don’t overload any one and much?


I have been just sitting here a minute or two.  “You bet”, is what that voice said.  That’s about being talked-at as I funnel this draft into a post.  It’s 1/12/2014 at 2:56.  The suosoect in the crime is the naturals (N).  I can’t look at ’em, I can’t encounter deliberate oppression on signage or instructions, I look up people’s legs of both sexes, because, and found out.  I can’t post very well, especially in that bad mood from random click-redirection, as I have been living the crust-o-bread aerogramm.

It does not upload, although it has opted to placate many bands of cell-phone users.  That could be plainly stated as that the powerfulness of the egalitarian’s weaponry in error-gaps of catching their genocide on more of that bad tape… Any way, fire your friends.  Get on ’em for unemployment the opportunistic, and get off my back.

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How Clark Clifford, talking like Bambi, was the model for Bengazi’s dead ambassador.  Gentlemen at that time had his hide for a few minutes.

I’m reveling less in my abandon, and the LOl soots are never coming back, the LOL sponsor b cawth I believe in this lolthponse


activation energy.


They wrote ’em.  Don’t __________ my hits the greatest

even think about what you thought. ______ the address

…of my son that __________ the _____ eleohant

I ADDRESS did not …

They were instructed to remove the eyes of the individual and place them into the hole in the middle of the back, and that would say to the Vietnamese…

…to the misunderstood relation of an interrogation by checkmated faggot (you terrorists in the CIA, Linden Blue,  cf Robert Seldon Lady) like Stevens –zero set algebras — / progressive grass stains on cream-colored, your choice.  Fuh-fay!  I know you wan’ redeem yourself.  The pay gold was the ‘Eighties, eh (the rare Dick) Cheney.

The mate singularity of a dead pool ink pressure.

Plus it’s an hour running till you go.  Whatever you tell the police, if it is ever reported, at any time until those within the sound of my voice can look runnin’ to check the Jethro Tull underwear.

Proffered and Bally we

rent.  We don’t spew infectious germs in the library.


I really don’t think it’s psychological. I noticed that phenomenon long before I was told about it. The first time was actually with saline at the ER when I was a kid and super dehydrated. When the nurse hooked me up to the bag, I got a strange almost plastic-esque flavor all through my mouth. Then I experienced it again with cocaine. With meth it was never as intense a taste as cocaine but certainly there.

_________ *

Am I convicted or addicted, okay?  We don’t have lovin’, or cars.  We have seven points.  In eight micro-counted up-over head you Pavlov’s dog, fiend; you ever hear of a 3-by-5?

Size of a postcard ______ either that or your motor skills.  ____ I’m havin’ seven showers a week with Stevie Wonder.  Really?

Belated.  That ultimately won’t fit up your ass. _____ I’m plastic._____ ——=-=-=-=-=——

it was never as intense a taste as cocaine but certainly there.

all of that

When Roentgen’s fortune hit him at first the room was dark.  Ergo.  Rays go through paper and card.  That dimensional hook over already is {0,1,1,2,4,8}, at one digit its dugout axioms 16s, nugget outside of 8, and 16 so 24.  24 is a bookmark in topos.  I’m doing “resting”, but and how and can hard I bally move.   You can shut him up but then he smells worse:  fuck you and digester.


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