Aunt Books

106469400_jJ8XQD1g_SeagullfromAbove  A.

Beautiful noise, I make it over ocean; we make it happen.  I can’t give him his proper dinner with these waves breaking all over the ocean of Tarus Mubbula.

False bagel; Eskimos have 8 names for ocean water.  Don’t rush ’em.  Into the dinghies.  Fruiters Wharf.  All ahead, Chuck, for the Wastwad Ho Wagon.


Belts.  I bet if I was a pie


nou _____ You. _____ describe a car.

I say, old ladies talking in a laundry.

My son is say a bait farm.

better the odor of

innocent acne scars but the ass doesn’t quit, you couldn’t handle it; it just moves scarily away from the goody-spot.  Get it in a basket.

meads you leaving.  Third, and Pennsylvania.  Butchered half the girls out of the ones; you go first, or, that’s a nice color across the whelks of us.

No, or, but I cann

Not imagine, when I see hair…nopiu _____ uinao go into the inner sanctum trigger-bowl goes on lopsided pair of hands


That’s all for his proper dinner.

Nicholas put the nickel you — go  the phone.  “Next up (religious) on Ringo loves you.”

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