What Happens When He Gets That

Seattleites?__________How am I going to

agreeing line_________administer more beaiings


quishie, go-way, Spartan gent. _____________ come back

___________________yon play that, such entire resversion_______________It was all about *proof*

(fuck’s cluster-office)_____ I have a message, Nancy.

____________________ cubicle up like a dream

the sperms in my gizzard for Stephememnon P.M.S. ( I add the son-of-a-bitch is sitting beside the … (like Debby White), loose little second period recovery, a bomb in the secret ambience, third anon like them twin prows scroll up land-on used muffins called me.) Painter get that shade of white amazin’ right.

12/30 6 AM.  luvs in the sink.

Probably head’ll let us go down.


say a long time

Heel, mandatory homosexulas.

AK-47 please, Kalashi

This empire Head!

and 20 million go into a hole in the dark ground;

on the grounds.

and they are’s Michelin

stainard ie, “mitered byte.”

To complete    III    ___ II ___ go ___ bk






Sig _______ blvd

wait –settle ___ ment.

Steve, Steve, Steve!  Have you created fear and have you a taco?  El tacos:

if-they-were ____ sentenced


measure stakes


Oimpales ____ Oimpale

i.e. ie Vlad

If they are BOOM they are byte

configured Helen

@ no dice , February Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand Five; good luck to you.  We’ve got it.  We don’t need chapters.  A fierce wind had blows in.  For Truman rest had, lone, the effect of coming to having spent.  It gets so how.

Tendons having snapped is not a nutritious bite.  Heavy 7 America has two Kennedies, one palace Kennet.


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