To go Sergio loves cocker spaniels in a time machine, (you *awn* a receipt?), do bolt.  She was okay until we hit the front fucking door.  The other mint they serve besides click-proof internet is electric motivation.  (They *number* of days; I can’t take that bet.)  Your period’s on mate-it.  Molecules on their way chirping backwards on their way forward-looking pre-sausage or pre-bacon.  Atchoos, hope she doesn’t scream when we get her outside.  The trip to the bath is gonna fail.

13 dead in Russia in 2013, harrowing like 13 toads into raw mad kiss-eye bets.



And when you then just know
per You when landing and just knew *wince* literally have to go to the hospital.
Let’s watch get shorty wins.
see who wins. Get reddifall 2.
Beatnik-Café.com, geometric animations, there you go.
Flasry butt up.
Fly, Seriously? You? Like a witch? No go.
Political winds.

for monster_____ in the incinerator

o___To go sergie

short wung it,

short of jung

short-winging is lever

sandwich, Steve is present in

5, beat the presences 2.  Pilcrow lighter sees.  There’s a freeze on johnny.  elvis blew nisity right by.  About let vectors sing the song, a log 5 + log 2 = log 10, not log

Fuck a caption said pops Rocky Two Size Sherman Way Spins Trouse Of her Bullwinkles Over7, so wts not (The way a woman wants the world to go is base.) w, w’s a sub I counteracted (this is in lit, you are elite (*How* do you feel?) I have, um, fake emotions, and truly at many speeds I can get away with it.  Nobody notices.)  (probably just go down.)  integers ordered totally, integrate the scalar argument turning up the complexity, complexities are realizing.  That is, my argument butts half-trade with Szilard’s.   It isn turning the screw, it’s defining the work halt P.S.  This screams to the point it shits.

Round # electrons, matter o, log base e

(here you go)

A dot B

Tried dividing that 0.0014 into it, see if it is one elec-


O Ijn Ode

“One” honey-wunny “is” — wl when onney’s talking forwards, it’s in play.  Plays are throws, throws are math.  The orientation is no more in sight than a forward modulo Google — complexed triangle.  You don’t picture elle, ellen, other elenor back (baby yum, mommy shoulder).  I picture my matrix entries and barb (Taurus).  See, the “center” of the matrix representation ignores IF, all representations with interiors (inferiors, (so-called), eunice bee), etc. compacted to Google’s speed of evident total telemetered s.

Hope all the Magazines In the Psychiatrist’s office say To Have Confidence.

(tire, not one from crystal.)   Orbit it.  The peckers around here.

my sweat__________ marigold _______ Leakin’ is cryin’

TROJAN in case the gumdrops show.

Face, assert your impression (Hisss-panic), like I mean, I met–wrong word.  I = all come up, black man letting white woman out of car, oh shit.  Stand.  Sure, medium-size of a lynch mob, but yet a bloodbath (pimp-tint is …  soothing.)  I worse  when at wake-up.  Cranky, like those guys from Concord.  Bob-all, the uhh, before the Pocks moved in.

The world rolls.  Imagine it stopped.  Like food. Alligator.

A lock of cock in Pasadene S Up-suckin’ _____ It smells like_______ a___________ trout up here.

A touch of mental illness from the Chronicle, start to …

Because there is evader in — you want a talk about zones — Dick the fellows feel (your name) like part of the furniture.  Talk that we polyp out from the side.

Pleasant-to.  leave it cyc.

That is Dick’s talks, feather-

zone.  “We” are substantial-

ly gutter-and-allcaps

down in the stomach. _____+++++ (on the side!)

I have to raise my stomach.  My world — his world — at 15-25 _____ (married)

post mortem describes in INTERNET human porous bricked.

455_____ Easy Like Steppun’ In Loose

Wohcvschaven____________ gesund ver mocht

Send it to the soup-whiteners.  Not I.

A box in chronological order.

The knight won’t have to see the equation, ups or down.

Won’t have to be travellin’ like.

Wait. Come ‘ere, Mitt’s … annotations

Fuck a caption said pops Rocky Two Size Sherman Way Spins Trouse Of her Bullwinkles Over

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