All Squared To The Wire

You ask what is the quality of life.

Just psychotic right now doesn’t mean bad.

Burst your bubble?_____ The shirt._____ You men eat your din-ner eat your, pork-and-beans.

It’s not a pleader it’s a belly-beater.  Costs a minimum charge.  Grawss

Oh,  see _had__he ___________ hiding the part you play

He have less of an

DNA experiment

He Would Have Had Better

Steve Then What Horsing_______You’re neat.

Of It He Could Have Done

In A Balloon Hand Basket With Thumbs

Bowling-Balls Half-Thrown To Him.

_____ paleotrig

hand\ 9 bob

Had’ve Vidona

Job Literally

like lines of ze-

roes montade


Logarithm Am Infinity

I just got a semi-mode on huge.

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