typos, micro vigilance

quit and wait, because there is everyday ________crockin’

(while we are two bags full, (alligators, hush puppies) WedWendiana specials?)

Pow-wed-on-Nose, I dunno forty-five degrees, perhaps I never will.  Camoflage, Nicaragua, but my two lefts It’s stupid! I left you looking smarts, mark down, now it’s a breakdown.  Behind on death.No, fungal was ‘ut wof! T ake you back. My dog body needs nutrients of not burning its tongue, without ouncers and other door-sores.

They cannot hurt me.  I did not know about Justine until the worker saw her in the closet want me to take it off? sunning

I can’t take it all off. since cracking my dick four-five times against the skylight, plus…the only possible skylight is (future science.  Are you hanging your hand in useless misery, then? )  fuck you and five eighths (that’s his stance on the internet)*  We ‘re on Chyner then. Cuber…Five-ten with the heels.  Can you get Cuba by remote-control?The light in the trees, the Plays Player, Castroes? That’s your goal?

So I quit and I don’t get any more off it, with loud mechanical frenzied typing I can’t mitigate with your pussy flashy ?? (one of us ) don more like at the doctor’s office … (woah, it is not no boring thing ) finish eating, alright?  Know what gets me about your box the gitta-gitta last nights…____ arch supports.  They have to have a theory of electrical and …if they can’t figure it out (*) That’s Steve (*) (Bobby Beaujolais), that’s reverse intention. 

I am not going to born you with the detains, he stops.  Considers atomic, saying he can’t see it.  Proposes a time machine, in actuality.

_____________________- * Thanks a lot.

I offer you the exponential powers of ESP, to make your stomach drop, do not alter speeds.  Okay, my last name is Mork.  They owe minion’s.  Mindy.  God’s not going to be happy with me at all, and I ran out of dodges.  See if you can read this. 

exit right

Fine print.

Oh, you read this?

shell of_______________heart

(peanut) _____________A heart, she asked.  A conquest?

Uh, I’m not a nowhere mechanical part of Earth.  But, my decompositions are all nine on a head.

feed_____________ Do you still want it?

________________Okay, *** will take it

(oh, I’ll help you take phonies.)



load of weights




_____________________I’m out working


with __________ Barbs

paper towel _______________ Get one of those white, cups.

(End-doo-wah)_____________Maybe we ought to think about it.

_______________________Funny Farm.

The Apostles.  Don’t you think life would be indeed better off?


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