K-J May Curly

In the top’s scientific ESP researcher, we find (( I could take you to my house, >>> If I would, take you to HP…), between Wilde, I’m almost atypical and fresh Maladapted San Diegan. ) No-no, in the rip-off category, the mere application of continuity derived from one’s own truth-valuation speeds up ESP proof of major “password-protected ESP” realms, kitty.  Aw, these laws are mathematical, Pilgrim.  Like, Wilde reminded me of how extracted I’d longed, (to the in thing), “nine times”, I believe, he had said, not in fact anyone’s social Waterloos, you adapt the blow jobs you have a fondness of, spirit, and the remainder is done without.

The passion was explained just above; it is moot.

12/25 at dick she worked.  her apostle (12) well, psychotic adventures sew plainly another day.  This worries me as well, the fault in parades of ESP.  My head gets warped by saying a word when a signal is coming in.  The spirit, I feel that time curves back on itself exquisite…

I got sidetracked.  I must wake up.  They don’t let you stay.  Can’t we stay away?

These Are In Another Direction

These Are In Another Direction

You give up because if you ask about internet, it is free–with purchase. To my enemies, whose lives run a week, mine runned forty-five minutes because of a guy knowing where I can get me some pix of shotgun shells, when we’re out dancing cheek-to-cheek.

E, you’re not going to insult me — realizing

witcha walking around; the place smells like a trunk.

max duh?

Where the quest for knowledge is enlightening me; I did not expect to be typing in a third meaning of “trunk”.  Island excursions, ladies and gentlemen in the parking lot.  Immediate seating on my face.  Arrr’s (pirate privates, little tickles in jest).  Some alms to be famous.  Your appearance at Massages today left a massive bone as the women on the platform exploding in color like human baboons, ah.  Inertial guidance provided by Jetson.  Whilst there is a trunk involved, though.  The analogy escapes me.  One was calling time to realize E is an elephant.  By realizing transcendent things, our accents on chocolate love losing weight…queer my world.  It is not that Ed went up to the NSA somebodies asking for ranch dressing to put on his salad ( winked at some Hare Krishnas, partissus doyenne ), hard form Krisnas.  Doyenne, being Fr. 1905, is just what ashes of sound were left after the fire, etc.  Overdone care of mouth warring with  ideas not of Wilde, Brown, though, a partner had this “Bermuda Stone” to recommend.  I had asked for a drink recommendation, of course.  “Barritts”, not to worry, dark since 1874.

Wrote this once at home before, again to you.  This isn’t poem.

Eidy Eidy Anay Presence

Regarding top punditry experiment: Post time I colloquially discover land: such a laws of ESP as this queers my world (are we add about Faulkner?)

(Are we add about hairies, dykes and fairies?), while you

ASIDE the whole equation must have an upside, and the statement has a mistake.

That’s odd, bytes determining which of side and decide, really?

…buddies appear _____ accused, three-motivation, does the accusation as a problem between you and God exist?

shark deceiver’s normal turrip tirrup.

There is nothing regular in midnight, noon, or any “twelve”, huh?  But, you knew that.  Anyplace I go I admit, stay straw, sha-sha, welcome, go burpies off the lip magazine.  It’s a case of do-or-die, the world is decades of work, huh?  I admit I’m talking to you; wish you, Horace Dasquell, could hear what I say.  Distance around the world in ( a talkies (suit (stripe))) micro-coincidences is flat.  Quotidian dianape, stab- swarm, 2warm._____ Resent.

We Have On Opposite Job Twat Youna Nudda Guy Maya Tryna

We Have On Opposite Job Twat Youna Nudda Guy Maya Tryna

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