Take You,

Who’s got me?

on the bully train?

Whose shoulders?




land area

– calc.

– template

I can not upload anything.______and

All parts of her, too.

Because of your mind, the true, and the documentation foot, not going to eat dog food.  Careful, get out of the house.  Gettin’ out of the commit, get yourself set.  Arrow-thing eye is, noted by now, changed due you; want my blood?   Dave:  Master of the electric (and the gravities).  Going from descriptive and stimulant to that whose (Larry DiTuri, pacrt again (I wish I knew him very much, warm)), Aeu may.


Dave top_____________ folio___________ top in folio, ready to cancer.  Breathe,

Vave: “Could’ve” Dave, the orgiast.  Vs  A vase.  Dig that hole, flowery and vase-y.

D.C. Five

____________ Marine Code_______ A man substitutes Padres, he turned out like me.  It was me, the man turned on Chargers, powder blue, the blues’.

But he and Dave with mountaintops; my foot was, smoke was coming out of it, I came up with a wingsuit.  We were ib-idda-comfort-bissa-biddabe a “helicopters” ride, so-called  suspensions, when it is off the edge in my wingsuit, parachute worn under, underwards Clinton, here on the ward (doesn’t make me feel so bad, fuckin’ Bill Clinton).  Hilary had one pokin’ out of her britches and could not follow a comment with an engagement to do things offhand, and you, when you need to hear me say one and one only, it hurts, thus you loft it.  To God, and shut up, slow down as you pass.  Don’t speak.

Shorter of dressed.

Slit in blinds, dress.


captioned, bottom

1031 believed, to hear._____F


12/23 your Bim




One more Jim Jones



and its enough

hs.  Did I goody-good?  In high mass, don’t give in.  Work within, still.  Go to your head___ apple

(!! Dave’s getting kicked off this round, and I am going to give hilm-milia bloody nose brb (-ly (asm); wull, Lee ‘as ’em, Larry.  Take your clothes on, carol around the country, tack, come back and shin carom _ _ _  one seeks, ferret.)  Now look over there.  Knight, bow, scrape ock breathing, the hat off, the departures we and you r dis sincerely wasting away pretty much Hg, and it liquefies at sub (up), or overs, basically shifts in the end to a SU with, no, SO3, and theinstant {s,s,s}, world.  It liquefies at the lowest one, the bad thing being I tunneled through it is immersions in Gaussians of a proof set.

Down was left, out is bullshit.  This is where I hang out, handin’ out ass-whuppin’s anybody may want with Christmas.

Auv’ll u wise us to Ock ways to insert vagina.____________ Well, Pink Floyd

Out of the way, I said so.________ noise

-Coatus Invedry_________________ goin’ up there

Well, he had wrote that_______________stepped

Happy-g0-Lucky, armed he was __________shape

He was in a ship._________________rubber

Brown.__________ &d__ for Dr. Szilard’s not to vethate big tongs off___is to…

A big head.____________ abs __ a big thing of

me, when you’d want Te in, (hisses).

12-7.  he remembers in for me ___________ Alamo the sea way

Following cued pieces of concaved-in glass fall all the faster half-full type never mined glass once-ruled.

Dyalyn, staow

from__________________ mighty dope law


Cannell, it is not as though tomorrow is assured, you are owner with dyslexic, reading and writing, an insecure gambit for the following-up, during its non-non agon.  Not that well done, soes…

DBIDIA tweaky you twit.  (scrolls, honors, for systems)


The Tempest blew.

The night-feed

Heider, walsome

mepact a cop car.__________ One in the midst of posting so-nut no one not sure is not me, the dust of a brown restaurant folder in my hands the Chinese restaurant, the setlement due, all of it in the heat.  Little was out of order for us.  We knew the idea was a flash-in-the-pan.  You had nukes.  We pinked up and were born at such a time as that Nagasaki and up-for meant us, A-Teams.

she weres written in mordant they were shewer.  you “smashed” fly _____ tally

fire_____ fucking cunts you do not want to srs’ll  ___ deleige

18 or # added to legal mark up not grayeur *95 a 72 seven on a seven too.

__________________ Lawrence________ (2:34) 5;00 PM


Di Turi

friend F- ________ Oh, Maggot? _____ of Jay’s had died; I had ESP on ear, ear, eaer, besides the one.

_____________________________Larry’s elegies are running-in 2 boundaries compulsories with obviously one sphere has one-eye’s differentiation specialty.

__________________- Nov 2.

A Larry, (a bird in my space and the space), then ice zetunias probably hurts ( you didn’t tell me I was what I could have ).  know where I can mound up golden onion beefs?  I mean really hurt.  Not where I can Wat kins of LostProphets — customers jist load up.  Yeah, Cannell and me, we see a hamburger is why they see a hamburger.  Trust me, I tried the violent way.  Here come the… lies.  I can’t be bicycle-seating very long some dismiss language which has no higher replacement for thought.  I asked M, I, and 13.

Ha thawless of me.  Your head rele ax air.

The united states has “friendlies” “natives” over a barrel ______________ (14 billion.  The production upon request of pest genocide, accompanying evidence you don’t ask of, for 100,000 dead Mexicans.  Your cancer has no law standing the yie-dee-yies, …)

nearly ___________ theft of whatever threat rends us

The Mexican travels on the Overland Stage today.____________Placidyl


______________________________________________those bottles over

I gave you a hint.________ I don’t read that, I don’t listen to you.

The American Typical sucks nothing but cock.  The females probably don’t like to hear it._____ B





He smokes it (pantomimed)._______________B 6 4

__L 8 1

__1 0 0 G

__1 2 1 R

In Celanese, Fortrel.   k





Ahea_________Biney_______________ They


on a frieze. ______________________________Hurt.






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