Cunt Do Waller Ah Do


hello_________a noon_________________a midnight______________________night hand exposed

What am I proving?_________________________Vietnam I cut off

People live the same wherever___________________garage

Since the hole was for the one (41), it was plus 3 to 46, from {41,43), plus four to 47, meets hello on the left, on the left and elle, its deeper (suggestion, just baby ones, and of course entanglement (She’s a smiler; not going where there is)), Suzukis.  The limper clump in the O.C. watershed rained, bird.  Welcome back.

Doing the term left-________(the dinger of it has cleared logic)

dart’ll (anecdotal), the time’s_____ parallel, exception

space D______________ hit me

Hydras are like limping and fallin’, snapping weakly at these.________ all of those were

Lewd, and your program’s nips.

Roll your own course._____woah, okay


body hit but me?

A further 8 rows_____ pike 9 elle


could I have a ham?

shoot him, narfin’.

12 and later bastard_____________Can’t be Darwin but it had to be’s

less-than-crazy fast.______animunt____have _ 16 is the amount

_________________ A bomber?

giant jet _____ the barns

What are the animals doing this for?  Okay, I am a “bum”, Lee Marvin, who is

“Al Capone”, who is move more than somewhat the amount

probably on a scale of if you touched it in its pristine fuck mailers! state…&c.

(16) did he light on the run?

__________ Bob Atell__________ house

Is that combination a guy’s spinout? _____ broken

Broken, well, I have thoughts; the state is helping us there, but I had thought the extra

manpower from God-forbid God is telling you, and that volume is located wells over

in the phase space portrait.  If and only if I hurry, ie in polynomial time,

and I have some use.

The police were dispatched to evict me.





Guatamalan sinkhole pepper cat says ESP is a chaining condition, of someone knowing someone knowing things being.  I tried it on myself in the land of All-Anmerican co——- ocksuckers!  The men.______fast shot

When you land on the street again (avoid vehicle and narcotic traffic),

sucker, you will find your old ladies the same way you left ’em

the fascist route_________________ to fresh-fucked.

Don’t do it.___________________Ih-___ it’s better they come.

Action the plus symbol_____ as at established?

They were drunk and plus didn’t take their M.C.A.T.

Death!  The Senarit of these zeroes are analytic, I hear logic._____Chern clast

Nude Regents?_____

and the nudes we share

The free art may concede your vaginal insertion as a pean to Virginia my grandmother,

To Pikachu, to California’s prison train.  They put me on it, but I was home.

They let me out.

Oh, are you aware that — of what — “not” committing a crime brings out?

They were drunk and P.S. and didn’t take their M.C.A.T. Kathy sue _____ testified

Rommel got a jar of pushies,

took 8 of ’em _.

A smart person knows what you want; what you do.  But a smart person hishe or hcshe at a cross walk child receive a modicum of woody knows ( A wouldn’t),

legit, pants taken.  Be on the lookout.  By pig.  The stars on the door._____ left ’em in_____ I promised this bean your love — idiot.  I am not technically breaking the fourth wall.  Yeah, the situation is read accounting for ESP does not drag one way out here for nothing.  It’s … x____If a third party says.

a dip hallucier half-way models & gainers _________ screamers

Stick my dick in you, it will do nothin’_____ nawthing.

later refined by me_____ Maggot


You run for beyond fifth there’s there, there Smale’s original bastard proof.

I can get jailed for this.

We ‘re not in Paris_____________ Where they do what I’m thinking?

Trade some guys around to replace me,

rip open my electroconvulsion file?

Direct limit the__________ compossib

holomorphic logia __________ deject

breaking____________________ a died ( It is dire if you were to live and tell me I did a job which expedites my time for “us”, and I have a picture of you.)___________ eck file

after taking.

I say!  Now you two … “liberators”



So, I do fail trust to cut my hair.

Set “next 50” posts to zero.

We open in Europe with mother’s e-mails. _____ Where u bank

I’m making a living pedestrian, our world slough_____ out, slough’s not uncomplimentary

trivial to greater subtracting and reading _____ (heads), I am in, Portrait of the Artist a Young Man which is Joyce, he and Enya are Irish.  My friend Barrett is a

Political Prisoner

in your land.  There is a serious deficit of men who right now can keep their anus intact, in the military service.  They have kept it.

the grapevine.

sdmattpotter     ‏@sdmattpotter                8h

Breaking the silence: Men sexually assaulted in military speak out.

I am the only one but she says it herself, so it isn’t added to my’s;

and my sister Mary Potter says it.  Dang it.  I was going to have a safe as a friend I could always go back to.  Let you use it; why it’s clear.

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