Kooky-Dukey Nippy Breath

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I was pleased to read a piece by Barrett Brown; we are displaced, but he is a smoker. At his end, it is, Terrell was, a mean-dick, big,
.while of course, the amine-stration and thou’;___; be what she sucks on which is spwn .

as she is cry-ing-dicated before.  Terrible Wanda was, scents didn’t

attract her automatically.

So, the chaffer sits, so damn quiet.  I can write about San Diego and delete it.  Oh, I know.  Those with zones in other times, and with your big post arriving yester-day-day day day, I wished for you all to wish California something dizz, journey it has two ends,

a post as a shift must start where it left off, where its vectorial about some indicatrix or branch or leg of a curve’ll probability short line’s on five.  Roll a five hind

being.  Get to here, please red dick it.   Off only happy tong crust of bread.  Ugh!  The em-suki line.  Souix!~ Arapahaw-wince.

SBSy583, in other words, SEB’s system, posting in due midnight, as now you would not even ask what this 3 is about; the ticket off.  You get a shh-sound as you disappear up the vacuum pipe, and parallel is the suck-ride’s to a better place.  If you do this…a few is do, sir.

You musta died.______________ Y___ R___ E ___A  I DON’T HAVE TO talk __________true

2 Dude must’ve_

had to___________your chemical acyloin condensotal,

action his cotton.

How  had they kept  the ___________ (?) ______ruining

________________________________ gluen-ing


I’d just keep the initial__________in case I was a common ruffian, yes?

to its exponential.  I haven’t the Ilya Prigogine to quote.  Praying up and down, we water advised.  Popsically?

______________________________________________________ wordif.

I wouldn’t’ve put this blue stuff._____ Or the Asimov saying how a home needs “more” books, magazines and newspapers.  Didn’t ours mention Asimov?  It wasn’t astronomy.  It was  just English, spreading out, original use lost.  Pantaloons on fire.

Del Torro speaking, very dark voice, “I playing horr-shewwws”_____________ do slashes bled

celestial baby _________________Withee’s penance

owui call these jaws of death?

____________the paws “I wear my sun-__________ Glenn can’t have customers.  He’s gotta serve the dog.

It is not just fine________________glasses at night_____ my stomach

where their heels

cuul __________________________________To listen to the cassette halt._____alright?

The bone is so bowed.  Oh.  _______________ sireeeeeee

__________________________________ a half a gram.

wins win in  𝜋 7s.  (ALCH captivated me and you).  It is not very funny, it is too smooth.  I am, as all Shriners are, an amalgam of being out.  I wish to read my maximum Encarta, I have time, which is unusual.  I am serving — lucky to be, in a seminar room-a, man that is a spicy desire I get.  Jealous, yes.  I wrote somewhere where there is a maximum allowance.  Oh, trip.  We won’t allow somethin’… marijuana’s legal, so when we crown a victim out of righteousness…I called the cops.  They came out and told me “go back in the house”.  It was not a house, because, being in North Park, or Skid Row, isn’t.  Now I’m sixty-one, the cops are rolled and gone, and they let me become violent, which I sanguine unparalleled.  These grown children hark, their parents hark.  Tomorrow we capitialize on sips!  I learned this via Cajun.

Called enough in S.C.

Urine yourself YOU’RE IN smell that?   Cattle cars, tattle tales , free speech is back!

Sicilian As If And

Shall we peruse house plans —————–

__________________ 34.

Johnson doesn’t hear the gunshot, just the engine sputtering.

sees black smoke belching out of the ultralight and can just make

out the Kraut about halfway out of the cockpit like he’s looking for

somewhere to jump.

“he have a parachute?” he asks Brian.

“Too low for a parachute,” Brian murmurs.

__________ 117

The Death and Life of Bobby Z.  It is no good; attract an afterlife down there on the floor (bad book, and it has a distinct marijuana leaf on it.).  My sober soak-us, just as a Gilbey’s completed a Gordon’s shot, my Oracle Oakus…my native naked, is my daughter’s name, once I misspell dirt, a Krauts I have, and John Denver paydirt, pat:  sounds like a tomato doin’ its thing.  So, I kept it. People as respect-machines whir all off-kilter.  These are true and truly.

Oh, I never leave Asimov like I say.

INTRODUCTION_______________________________________©/ xiii

ball game or a basketball game on television and understand

its every move.  (It’s all chaotic pandemonium to me.) I imag-

ine he can chugalug a stein of beer like an expert. (I get faint

at the odor.) I’ll bet he can play poker like a dream and maybe

can shoot a snappy game of craps. (I can’t.)

It is precisely the abilities which I lack and the reviewer,

perhaps, possesses in abundance that the American public finds

admirable.  To be familiar with the sciences and the humanities

is (if I may trust some of the movies I have seen) the mark of a

“nerd” and such a person is greeted … (Xzibit_5)

well, a recent study has shown that American students

have, in eighteen years, failed to advance their abilities to read…_____ I meet you.

A large fraction simply could not read or write (or think) back in 1972, and they cannot do any better in 1990.


values and their way of thinking.  One child, in answer to the

question “What would you consider a good job?” ___________ touch your toes

____________________________________ answered as


And @ has a ________________

_______________- D___ F

____ ___________S____ B

b ______________d

f_______________ s

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