The Sucker-Wink

And this starts at a tumble; I guess the fine-grained tech____

_DoD| 2365 \SEB pleas

Of our rush at with parallel not pleated _____[(Note to self to__________

________________________________________ leave one alive)

The up-side *_____ thunder resolution

Once it didn’t matter what it was________________ LOWER payout

Only the size of the handle

Can I say hello to my brother?  Decomposition._______what I got

Elementary to substitutions’ bodies._____ close to what they got?

Little Brother, please.  We’re East__________soap

East of tribe.  Hideous soup react.  * We are going to go redict Velcro_________________________ on the car

But first assault

things re choiring

pro lee-chee

3330 problem

I can’t hold their hand.

lift your pant leg pig

wander off scarecrow

There was a pneumatic hammer but I never heard it.   in the action in any chinny Mulligan surrogate

What did you do about nothing?  Famous rabbits of elegance elide intimacy those

those this-is-time-and am

 root 47 chirp

sittin’ at 107, word count 135


radical bioval, tris.

Lavage, spit.  rad 41.

Rvd __________Alicia Keyes__________ last time

PVP__________Matt2 Keysdeal with him

FSK___________instant one4_____ told kevin, hey.

a gaggle

a gaggle

Okay here is where EXPEDITE they hold onder there___________________________anywhere

Javi, want to s want?_____ spokens _____ California

(bring back chopped-liver-not (Falana)).  I don’t know; back when Nixon was president…

personally some__________ I don’t know if the band’ll

3:09 AM__________logging, or…

CAR JACK and refusal__________ Is that uh, Kikey?

_______________________________ turning 70

From Zero?

un 12/18/09

PT across tl

_______ t _____ l _____ on how neurotic

elle iz sat at the ‘who is army?’ pick a number pick a number

2365 I anticipate saying__________ Whaaat?

how do I get to.  Fold _____ {16, 6}

machines | manned machines

its inverse, pls_____ & _____ # set “C”, “It’s”, FVIVE, and color!

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