Time At Western Clock

In order to pack all the numbers and the mathematical places they sit into a teardrop without repeating, Hawking’s book with God in the title leads us to Gauss, Gauss uses 19, 19 appears in the instant puzzle.  ESP is necessary and valuable especially precise

but not in my universe; you are a bonus.  Is 5 5, or what man about five objects and their place, it could be five deft-point, B. Zero-sharp, I mean, they count it all, up to 5, an infinite number, not  five ones.  I’ve been eating on this street, alright “boulevard”, so I’m not the one who cares if nobody understands teaching physics of the Internet.  My name is obvious, Panel-answer that?—  is obvious, 19 is 361, squared it’s f*king 361, Moleca, f*Hawking grub.  My saltshaker wants four copies of the rationals from 1 to 2.  Quantum physics of the Internet, okay, if you’re lonesome, let alone the adverb.

Be on my side, I’ll be on your side, baby There is no  reason for you to hide It’s so hard for me staying here all alone When  you could be taking me for a ride, yeah

She could drag me over the rainbow And send me away

Down by the river I shot my baby Down by the river, dead,  shot her dead.

You take my hand, I’ll take your hand Together we may get  away This much madness is too much sorrow It’s impossible to make it  today, yeah

She could drag me over the rainbow And send me away,  yeah

Read more:  Neil Young – Down By The River









House Enough

House Enough

Picabo Internet Dont even Think Legals

Picabo Internet Dont even Think Legals

My posts, “Selma Shampoo”, and “P-Saur”.

It seems sites in my notes when we discover elements have much information leading away from them, and scientists have always maintained their weight, very skinny guys, to which I say attendance is mandatory and all problems are identical with the hardest Kamples soup, melt it, pour it on, put eyes on your hackin’ chicken, it’s– eh. Together, and … no, I mean. Do they bark and eat or eat and brak? Oh, never mained, I’m over here. Bep-beep Bip and so do they couple dots in the outer world, when you Krauts are eloping? Kiss-and-hug; oh am in passion and here’s the oof: roof.

Gaussy leaves me indices and Hawking left a Balmer-grade queer-o-scope, I am all about try it. They chances A never read my posts is astronomical against. “Selma” is famous in civil rights, my union is the average person_________with kids______(if Greenwal’ doesn’t burn ’em.  I can’t hear.)’s spirit’s chance, after all that high school, and the notion of a P-Saur dinosaur getting to sit up front breaks all holds.

To anyone braver, hey.  You can’t successfully win a Berkeley war.

The method goose is using is a way to count with one left over, fours on five type-of-application, big circular two-clock circle.  Oh, yeah. That way.

His Kirk keypad … way too much pager.  What provoked you, scared to live upstairs over youse?  Crack._____ He almost broke.

Hey wait, 16 happenings at once ought to happen to you and me and I’m here and the rest is pool, in case its 99.5 can get a half of gram half of children are thirteen half a chance is 13 1/2, half-well  what are you waiting for?  Circumsize it. Eight What-divide what I’m saying. One pattern.  You know what?  They’re eight ladies, sparkling, taboo?

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