Goan Hone Ione

Joan Koan Loan Moan Noan

Oöne Poan Qoan Roan Sewn Tone Uoan


rotovague_________left side——-(they have sun) doubt it___peppers

After a while I was called over to a different desk to see another psychia-

trist.  While the first psychiatrist had been rather young and innocent-look-_____special section

ing, this one was gray-haired and distinguished-looking—obviously the

superior psychiatrist.  I figure all of this is now going to get straightened

out, but no matter what happens, I’m not going to become friendly.

The new psychiatrist looks at my papers, puts a big smile on his

face, and says, “Hello, Dick.  I see you worked at Los Alamos during

the war.”


“There used to be a boy’s school there, didn’t there?”

“That’s right.”

“Were there a lot of buildings in the school?”

“Only a few.”

Three questions–same technique–and the next question is completely

different.  “You said you hear voices in your head.  Describe that, please.”

“It happens very rarely, when I’ve been paying attention to a person

with a foreign accent.  As I’m falling asleepI can hear his voice very

clearly.  The first time it happened was while I was a student at MIT.  I_____ you been in a pipeline filling in time could hear old professor

Vallarta say, ‘Dee-a dee-a electric field-a.’  And

the other time ws in Chicago during the war, when professor Teller was

explaining to me how the bomb worked.  Since I’m interested in all kinds of phenomena…”


Earl Holliman

Earl Holliman

it’s not taggin’– youse months down the line.
Line, I, jeds god off the phone.
Army_____we stay _____ north

It is Primrose.  They’ve

Hannah allegation.

Armies are my wives, alive?  sucker.

_____ or any leafy ole brown dirt 97

“Re: would”__________half-time

[ducked] Dulles ___ in camera feed-uh ___ Topeka

half_____ d___z_____ ty

_______________ dozen____________________ Prö

sets on down __________six 30 c.c.  _______take this pager they’ll call when it is your turn

_________________________________  afternoon

___________________ eat some cardboard wander around the hospital

___________________________________lazy chickens__________ have you lost your mind?

sorry dave

$(KGrHqF,!qEFJN9HPWiBBSZYgirzyg~~60_35_________________________ 4, 5, 3

mazurty 253______________shut up,

song goes

wish you were here _____ in love

in ___ lust _____ emo minions

The amazing mind or flashy world war, Dickie went to his local draft board,

to Far Rockaway, after the war, I believe.

You turn 18, then two–

wenty, migod.  They’re

remember nauburn of ’66…

James Dean

James Dean

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