Rake A Ring


If I do not have a clue *either*, they’s inductive; since I don’t, rabble, you don’t.

The rhetoric, long/short whatever it is in the game of Bocci, herb-exact,

meant even forced druggings, let alone plucking you like an owl

and why I am separated from my ray-gun you bet

on its own it intends to reshoot the ball, I exaggerate, uh-oh, scared,

because_____________my hand can cover the sun.







Light_animation_2 and here is what light propagating at c and let us freeze

Light_animation_2 and here is what light propagating at c and let us freeze

It is what which fold of choice she had said over a VOICEOVER agent WF flynn

It is what which fold of choice she had said over a VOICEOVER agent WF flynn

I’ve been chloroformated just coloring the socks in the narrowest water closet. Icon wash gaps. Young chick cun alan
All the amethyst top.

sayin’ oh for____________you’re beautiful.  Happy?

I’m laughing because the madness of catching a screen flickering off … it fixed

itself, so I laugh before I break it and the printer,


dragging the snaps

off that CPU.

We both back out.  Non TIFF,

nnorgealgene.but aware nalgene

would you say you instigated my arrest incident to landladying?

you didn get along?___________me and a pthallate charge won’t stick as a war crime, your mother Hizbolla?

Mine is.

another tenant didn’t?_____________called him

self of the observation of a couple of punches, one a silver line to Kwaj.

all’s zay’s got’s exc   what excs’ll’s

2 has gave ’em torture stags in

my left hand, clean,___________pure doper conniving mycological diversity

ex’ll’ll* make me say


pee wee _____attest



credit lor not blow

ing us up to prisons

our State Militia

lhis is where you come in

He validates his life, Chumba

“Nike’s general” takes a scapegoat_______ Nalge

___________it’s not the computer got electrocuted, moving into rays

it’s high time, Cymbeline.

scream under heavy mud

And there’s always someone else for you to blame _____________political I think force


________________________uck uh

later in the evening

a man had “IWW” burned into his buttocks for speech 1912 San Diego

where the building is a_______always eat a little more_____lie.d

______________seems like years

8:532 PM8:52 PM.  Too much, way too much paper.  A equalizer, satisfying condition axiom 2 is called the gluing, concatenation, or collation of the sections si which is category functor stuff, not naiive set nested construction.

A section X is called a global section, the powerhouse Γ (U,F) in

sheaf cohomology,


S  S  E  O  V E  W  L  Y

R  _T_ T  R  T H O  G O

H__E R E _ F O S H E

U L_ E_O_T_B_A_V_E



a cat in a suit

seated.  A man,

gummi bear comatóse

go tomatoes go tomatoes go tomatoes


“sphere” fundamental is red over blue





‘s are R projecting plane, Klein’s & La Follette’s blues torus

restriction maps — is it on

the menu over there?

string of length 2n of n distinct symbols available, then

my circuit

a revolution

about line

swinging a dot

swinging us where a square goes maltese

assume bubble.

regular functions on x.

The non-orientable looked over the valley and said_____how

guess what?  Gimme bottles,

n of ’em.  Yeah,

coassable, collatable.


ring D differen_____opera8ors, D-module over.

deck transorm group

no abelian ring ideles, known in Gb where we’re going.

go on, singer.  You go. Beget.

lazing in the doggie  ⇒

Mrs. Krabappel

puppy_____________caan’t use ’em both

dinner envenals

cat hair drip


we’ll just rake a ring around your eyes and set your hair on fire

“cfuck”_______fiu won’t cut it

more goes with some mr Wrigley’s

so eat it again.


* we never had a blade to…


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