On Anon And Up-Cult


a,b___________Oedipus Rex

Deism, sliced tomatoes served you’re a genius serving coffee.  Triple-tasking genius-to-the-anti, serving four,

skips two cycles doesn’t get mad _____delivered

Greek theater was very different from what we call theater today. It was, first of all, part of a religious festival.

A priest and the chorus of Thebans arrive at the palace to call upon their King, Oedipus, to aid them with the plague. Oedipus had sent his brother-in-law Creon to ask help of the oracle at Delphi, and he returns at that moment.

Oedipus’s own faults contribute to the tragic hero’s downfall, as opposed to having fate be the sole cause.

The Shakespearean Tragedies

  • Troilus and Cressida
  • Coriolanus
  • Titus Andronicus
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Timon of Athens
  • Julius Caesar
  • Macbeth__________air brush a soul
  • Hamlet
  • King Lear
  • Othello
  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • Cymbeline __________________*Honey Bruce_____|<___?s

________________the wire could wike -it work-it, Bambino-echo

Nike_____________bat’s too wide for this collections._____source

Nike’s general…

The upside of wicked cults__________I’m Venus.  Happy?

It must have rained.  Wagon-dragon._____caries worklup

___________San Diego?_________Ventnor

cycle  a frame of them.  I can’ read intelligence,

just minds.  Must have opened my door._____Haaaaaaawiiii, hi

_________________hi dere for the candy










what is that white ass, a Dane?_____

Cult to anyone

(she’s a dame)

In that case____


I will take this *word*

–it scares me–penis,

but, t.  Lungs, spin.





Dorothies &

Dorothy, tattoo,

Dorothy, pussybutts, air I kissed…

Two a word_____________happy


a for word._____NP conformality,

mine has–____________________ on anon

I’m sorry, go____________________ and up


with less times over the same with a

smarter source.  I sandbag your whiter-clad butt, until the



final bootiful hour we’re all pink.

There we’re all toes, a there,

were old before.  Ball up once

a hundred hours, are you

coming out or salt is on your tail?_____ ANNA’s___ sure

1100_________r a     n  ___over here

hnigh-nigh___ m_____ as hell __.___.___._____-1, -1.

Extra-sandy fucks to__or, emo

darling, better yet, why don’t you chuck me a phone — walla

corners, limpus the oroborus for the 50/50 shot?

panic flakes._________sugar-gum shops teardrops

I’m ‘s——s’ crackin’ up

uel_____humi–humbo__________two eyes without a dream

____∧____j-sand_______________ m and n 2 matrices you can’t multiply w/ 2 x 3 and 3 x 4’s, come on, and those matrix elements spin in place.

__________ blew boy, man_________have a green day

___________green, bushy stuff with no ephedrine costs an arm and a leg of plumage, Ed bird.

I saum____ ____I shall see it all _____ Stephen, coke

___________________ there will be days like this

_____________________that must just be for me

___________________he’s happy

_____________________has to be

______________that other Lord.

__________the chemical_____hee-hee-hee-Jesus

he’s Jesus___________________barapnoid

I’ll shill for it all.

com inca pacitate the checkrs at

VONS, leaving for the day._____thinking in a knive’s junk into your back

______________ swell concern____________going


ow_____ bl_____ draw____those_____grocer___ies

Just rhyme o

Just run us 1021 here with–Ne__parity under discourse and energize,

cook, see?_____a tres —

the damn funny smell _____treadrolls

“threat life”___________quizzins

bastard had ESP and wanted a din vino.



the answers _______forthcoming logic_____not forthcoming,

|x|___________ determinate

kswdye___________eight things, seven more mistakes

__________bloodbath____ 8

I’m nuthin’ anyway______wonder what it’s like to write up to the left-hand side__________ chemistry

Fthe figure-eight appears twice, no, stand up not talkin’ to you, pencils.  The Hodge duals

a made,…jsq__________ some ppx never got out.  Teenagersie

___________ A W A T  R. O. T. C.___DON’T  feed him beef jerky

there’s no more______ Bill, or Billy or Bud, or Willy, or Dave,

bedbug tongs?_____ Yip/divine out


shadows, you haven’t _____________even screws

172,3_______________ got the chips ——- Survival

Insurance_________________from one to ninety-three___ but it’s

f*king — it’s a Porsche___________Paul

(Porsche, go ahead annonin_____ and that’s)

__________________ And that’s maybe enough paint nicca

________________________________for the hood.

It’s an “Adam” story for BB.

When y, r, a, d, r, u

invertible — transforming,

floating, w is it?__________ mole jar

It’s only a radiation.  get a symbol to back me by chauffeur.  Get me some speed.  We have to talk penally, or any.

fiole, I figure it’ll take me over they   are  little   rats

Okay, next summer.  You’re volding.

caries’ll’ll 23rd°C____vusa

come on, purple 15, Mama needs a new beauty sleep.

Ten for noting 8½.

Briseño’s trial, L.A. Tripped.

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