Blew Boy

Probability adequatal of the compossimil grade francaiseibility will compresent us with shellac, dust, or waste that or will that,

whistle, everybody wired-up, with their pussies______une producto

That’s just the way it ran out_________

You ran it out

Then you sprang.  Lieutenant, Have I the oboes pwning-kniving

enough to get past private?  Still, who’s a rock ‘n roll group?

Who is still a rock group?___________taco

No, they had duds, and they instanced Iraq.  September’s buds    _________________________can I get in

you pick a lock meager times step-through

did not leave the mouse on

the roof of the car because

rootwood fell

Maggie’s in.  The rod wood like split._______heel

That was it we’re___________if left alone

nicle p blus eskie

on the last wood.________Spandau

my thighs!

chunk a gerund so I can go past private


assert the rules over the footbowl, slave.

My body is tired, but my mind is so awake.

Rectum, Hell, it killed him.



Watch that man__

Re rolls, recycle.

formation ____________CONFORMAL

Paul caught the clackety-clack

Left a pack of amyls________sure

in the critter ear__________What is it?

don’t unless it’s gooder speed.
Limbsbaughs six we’re tolds fix we’re told.


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