Pushover Olive Drab

L A C K _______________espresso’s

Abdul sul wul inful 8-

New and something new something and B_________________

The delusion of descending must be the reality____________________

of a deluded guy auguring into the small crunchiness.fairy lighthouse

We’re grinding.______________I’m EstelleVVVVVVVVVV

You mean to the second power_____

of equivalence tapping a_______________VVVVVVVVVV

to begin almost Wyatt transmissions______ I guess yoon pop teeny the day after redact

_ _second entropy_______________for starters_________________________

lofting a wolf balloon__________by

some Puer-to Ric-an girls

that’s just dyin’ to meet you!

run up size it part meant needs our help

run up size it part meant needs our help

If it is mag (what-I-want-flow)
if it is number

set why countables__

___ _____  .


both independent of the_____ moving

speed of time’s arrow__________(ZFC)

_________________________when I move

it’s all yours

the wrong player for your britches




cobord____________________the husband_____on-angle



____tubulars__________“squares x:____|  complex”

=_____polygon minus one

not clapper-to-the-sides.

A new something was always next,__________I called

got in front of —

— sufficient delusion —-

people went.__________whateva




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