Nod Down

I was out at 12:31 from the absolute hideous tedium of Normal Heights DMV. I’d stood the “Now serving Gee, Oh Five Zero”, and second scene was outside. I glanced at a dandelion; that was a real 128. I have a 64 thing, but before that, which is a number, we can do the people. What I may be supposed to be doing, as if I exploit nicely component, is in my fine mind, to another pig is to Medusa him.
Is that brief control really what you need?
I snapped before the womens’ fleshly display went over it. Let the universe behind this reality be plasma. We ought to strike twilight out of the corner. Nothing best stem, and, it all is pieces, each stemming from a different time. Whyth no suppositions, I assume pure religion will lean you o’er, cover me with noise. Man, Roger Water’s chaos is on the horizon, which is the reason it is wide.

…said Maddalo; ‘he came
To Venice a dejected man, and fame
Said he was wealthy, or he had been so;
Some thought the loss of fortune wrought him woe;
But he was ever talking in such sort
As you do–far more sadly–he seemed hurt,
Even as a man with his peculiar wrong,
To hear but of the oppression of the strong,
or those absurd deceits (I think with you in some respects, you know…enter (I see in the daylights))
which carry through
The excellent imposters of this earth
When they outface detection–he had worth,
Poor fellow! but a humorist in his way’–
‘Alas, what drove him mad?’ ‘I cannot say:…’
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Nod Doll_____________________jingos





._______________________torsion wait

 raise his output U2 decelerate mr bono

raise his output U2 decelerate mr bono

Episodic one-sixty-fourth



_______________17√2/2–17√2/4_____6.01040764 multiplied by

_____ ___________ Φ=1.618033989



U2 deciThe shit of the world cannot yet be taken as a constant, yet

W, luck me.  An x is greater.

This’ll ≤ 10% A of the 13.  product

13 ≡ “the”,  “≤”, “.”.


4:05 AM

“.”  ≡ “fresh out”

That first period’ad superluminal umfer, normal luck is zero.

This 11″s’s as if a word, the last eleven-molecule…

and words are all that can penetrate what hommina

do sizes A and B.

They’ll differ out of all proportion if they differ at all, tacky-wacky.

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