.__ I __ H __ A__ S_________ of course

.N O R E K I R T H E T H_________ an I’ll can,
.D E R N G S W E B I N G

.T O G D A Y E N D S A L___________ Phil.  I take a
.E T T O N E T H E O N G________ slow boat to _____ .
.N ________________________ N draft to B
.__________________________c where good
“… afternoon,” see there.  will see you.  Espe


________Need oh A Speedo

This was Dell_ douchent, chaise

Corporal, I_______ psychogram

______ Salviatho Higgenbotham

to Col. Jess.

________ ______6____________/

due to an appearance_______of an il

legal combat________ is a

Didn wit’ legal.______revolution

__________ T ________ H ___ H

_______R A N___P___ R O O UT

_______S I T_______ D U C M U C ___ T ___ H ___ H

________ _ _ ______T E A H O L R A N A T E I G H


_____W I T_______ W I T D E R S I T NS O E S T

________________    _______I O N R O F R A N

sign up_____________________ W I T__ T H E _ K

speak it

boss man___________ because of these

higher up________ micro

_____cherry up

*inject, self, sign, hull, the windows**

thanks to Glenn Greenwald, the word under Wiki math is ‘concept’.

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