My own thoughts are paramount. I’d like ZZ Top to cancel. Back off. He’s a pilot of coat house steps. I camp out where I believe Tuite, alas. Compounding this, I have never been heard of.________________________________________PROMISE

I am going to need to be deposed in red.  None of you are permitted the “perhaps”, so if you come in on time (ESPm)

you sulcus to a gyrate let x.  Don’t breathe on it.____________don’t forget to breathe_______Did you tickle the ivories?

Don’t norm, just consider me a Cola Coffin, another Sherlock G. Holmes, wonderful brevity.  Identity slowly disintegrating, about a cigarette.

Cup of New Jersey lantern cows._____________________________________*

A Chris Blackhurst.  There’s no code the back-dated did.


could return it on fioet

worthy?_____________________HooH attack__________(stand in front of it)

R __ I P__ A = __ R (NP) __ A (C O E E )

__ __ H I N T

______________________________________L is that a registered sex offender

Yemme.  Give me…__________________in their free neck________without props

being true — a water, please.  Condition.

Ionic Distribtion of Reals (ESP)

SEB/GG proportionality, vanishing.  surface proportions… were somewhat [can kevo vanilla.  Ke Vo Ve In O VANAWA]

reciprocally should

You told me the case?  Didn’t want you to tip over______________________Walker

I’m aight.  Yeon eyes?

wh listens as shocks defined blow up the canyon — (when you’d chance and chance) what algorithm (1952).  KFC

________________________________________________________________________________________inner ear

— are you kite string, Rockies…


Villa_________________________*I’ll have a cold glass of water*

anchio’s outstanding def, s.  You

want me to explain-———————————SHE caught my eye kick him out_____________parallelogram


that their computer may one day instruct them in pas…tels.

The chick is in __

Better know.

______________________________10 – 14 – 13

___ T ___ W ___ B  Y___ O   T   U (U R P I C)___________our company woke up to the law at nine harp

tempers________________ Bush’s____________ #993 feet on aware


THESE__________Wiki____________|_____________ set to

____________math ____________|______________ explode


in dis chenus of fly de wing

flies off when you expect

the fly.

__ I__ R ___ H__ I ___ E __ J (R L T R )

__E __ F __ G __N

Polish a Heisman________________2″ & continental  divide

Wh witchhat listens_________demonstrate bacon__________sense right now I can manufacture beef jerkey.  Answer? 

_____________________________________________________________________________________ the outcome

Idaho fed jdg

How many are you roubled…stipulate…O dimensions…they play.__________________sky @ 8:5 against

You’d been had in a rigged pull by a rip-off biotch.  I think ‘Batelle’ is a little defens-suhv \ offensive, they’d say they try to be prepared, like doomsday “Boy Scouts”________________luck, my, in-artic*        get it closer so I can drop it butter, with butter?

the new jersey is a way to cause camembert some damage as it floats up to the side_______________in mulch

dee-rect effens-fidence.________________________-courage

Fsmack hola.  Guam esé_________________another ________________Lady Luck

brassy____________carotid___________flounce____________what’s up under your hat

___________________the pressures of the Bourne

thad therad cytus comb therought

there oughta be a stanza: We Got Trouble.

Slappin’ down a rest yer

instrument.  Max, Leddies be for datin’, courtin’,

and dealt._______________on the flee face_________new dead math teache________________[breaking glass]

there’s still a meaning for the wallflower the price of the weed means we break it up on Thursday

and the miles per hour…okay PAR the set {cups}

_______________________________Colleen Witzer been a long time

the background’s out-typing me, and a kid’s voice is heard.___________it’s a recurring problem

oh-girl, I’d be in trouble if you left me now

with efficiencies approaching beautiful

400px-Hamiltonian_graph1 a trip someone takes around the graph visits each vertex once you dont really

400px-Hamiltonian_graph1 a trip someone takes around the graph visits each vertex once you dont really

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give me the beat boys and free my soul

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