Blog 9

flavorhood____________________Judge_____________tell that squirrel

upforever_____________________Judy______________she is yelling_

upside down__________________punkin’____________________Prevention

technically ___________________her.

stent we

——-> you,

We’re hatched, didn’t I tell you?  Packed up and ready to go.

Naturally, ( Live, fogs, burns… It is not in our power to learn.  Do not do it in a 7/11, *wrong store.  Don’t work in stores* store. s . No alerting the pose Judy)

Having these cycles, dividing numbers with one by two

finding us, jawohl.  Seems like minus two is headstrong, where can plussed divided *how can tell me … (get) it started …guarantee me lift your skin you never drag it across the sink. shirt… mind if I eat now?    what the regular price is* amret division, size lost (just be glad people don’t think a game doesn’t continue because there’s no such move there)

_______________________________________ *freedom feather.  welcome everybody*

100 mph

100 mph


all other point forget it?

Sew two new narrow arrows x from then on.  They’re retreating the ground.  Thompson’s like that.

mobilizer_________________________________ she lays with a duck._____________ *oh, no*

Eye for an eye, alright?  You willing to piss me off?  I publish.  Thank you.

which billinghurst sits by ZZ?_______________ *I think shit after that.  who knows what, y’know?  There’s no way you can be absolutely sure, unless you are cooking it yourself.*

*you’re givin’ everything you got for free*

One Response to “Blog 9”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    ____________________________ Miss
    Ruth Buzzi is not tripping to the Emerald City. I have no convidnce that you provide justice. Thank you for _______________.
    How little did you feel?
    I bet (huhuck) in no unsootn tooms
    Gilmour was told what to do what the band.
    C’n nuckin’ in seize gentlemen
    six-knuckled gentlemen
    knucks for them, a Vox for you.
    back to chattel slavery:
    scheming Alice pound Devi down.
    Hallmarks, wart.
    I have —- mmmmmmmmmmmm
    more, bid ( I hate a hoboes’): ppl
    yt c’n spell OHIO
    my sebsbians c’n mod a gas.

    to a crust a bread Sioux goes a bump.
    Flash the power of the Martin Spelling.
    Everybody directed.
    A missing boy from Santee has been found safe, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

    Officials said Harbor Police found 12-year-old Eric Alexander Cheyssial downtown Tuesday night.

    In April I started on UCSD, on point I made war with out spite. I hit Roger Tsien, Nobel-prizewinner. “When you come in, you come in for good”, with a stroke. I’d rather have my mind, I get tumors, he got a hemo stroke. “It slips through your fingers like sand”, that is, we are both 61, they did me in 1970 without seeing you I had an attack on my brain by the State of California. Tsien, you’re Chinese.
    Who else did I kill? I’m Bungalow Bill, Bl-lack!
    I am not willing to go on or be mentioned by television.
    BB took the chance with YouTube
    With You.

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