By The Facets Peep

Emily tries but misunderstands

she’s often inclined to borrow somebody’s

dreams till tomorrow.

__________ *

If you were trapped inside the computer, phoning home…

order of questions you’s are on, to continue, explain to function.____________TURING INDISTINGUISHABILITY

question users are on, _______________ anorexia______operation

to cry to try_________________ Sub______ *whatever, hey.  Nyet*

to function.__________ Explore to function. __________________- denotes addition

to function to to

ally questions’

turn.  Turn finer.

turned finer, we’re human.

Please drop a vertical, Eric.  Therein the clear.

untitled the exciting world of reading

untitled the exciting world of reading

Well, buh.

no more coffee (hand over it)

what are you saying.

Osa’s len Ly Linday Lindsay rocky

Osa’s hand grip.  Hand brake.  You unball your fists, Osa.

What did the tortilla say to _______ mangas does not =

which is not raw commands such as, “Here!”

we seem to object(ify) them

then, but they are

at most everywhere

extant representing

(and preventing)

discourses which

cover nothings,

so, they’re important

in many schemes. -le

These are for the weekend, hip?  Buy one, want one?  There.  Stags of Bootsie in my time under the boxes in the corner.  Bozzio’s a worm, Dale.  Hip before I — …come-on in, chill.

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