I’m Not 12, But Thirty

You rent a house, bugs go along; I write.  There’s photography, you salt it out.  I’m thring dichotomous and hear splurting, gurgling sounds.  Pekar, that’s man.  The hunting, pecking, picking, quickly buying — shopping — excuse me, stocking up the back seat, with ham and eggs and children, and more.  See, the identity I have sucks more from … spans more than for- ties, ty?  Four teens?  Oh-no-no-no… orders burned cheese, no-one, but you guise.  “History ain’t changed, … wear the banner in the next war”, okay, the butter-bucket “writer”, now, is he virginal, or is he Christ because of what the Who says?  And a move and “we” isn’t elite, its Las Vegas is the average person ends-o with D-War plus cockroaches, or, a sure thing.  In a bet, Monte Carlo, it’s a hard-on every time, ab initio on this page.  My h-cobordism, or anything CO (he called me), possibility #1 (no local), yes, I know you don’t have brain damage (forgot watcher name), “Oh, Suzanna”, the style of mental space, a tenement, but entry-level, (square donut), take out the onion, your clothes are for t’morra…

primoriality max composite (going up), Jack FM, suns 12:34, double-double plain? And, hog of water.

sounds spooky.

delete that.

In what the sizer._______________ cough it up, Choppers

delete Fray Gerulver._____________________________ ====== (and I’m all of it)


You hungry?  Can you eat a Borel subgroup? 

There lay gaps, running together, Shoes.

_______________________of the beginning

__________________expiration date_Miriam Carey “Carrie Anne”

_____________________________________________________________________Right, Bowie,


________________(you think the savage is all that)  (I think I run out) (napping I me)

___________________________________________ can’t explain.  History is 1942, the post really broke at some 00:00:42, he is next.  His next book was stuffed into the wrong place (you get fries outta that), and so it goes, it’s all good, but, (you look more radiant at the top of the hour) they’re (we’re really SHIFT).  (Is that on purpose?), oh yeah, (in order to weather) changes and retain a few points of view, a little voice is now real saying “heart attack” (I can even shorter), as a guy gets less fuzzy without one tile missing in his hod.

Pigured to put him in rocky slue.  MAN-

+__ T ___A___ N

H A T T A N D I   L


O S F C Y A M   E   A_____________________ That horn looks fat for a string dispenser.

a rocky slue cobordiz stitch-rip rap (and seven Ts)__________ (and four more)____ Ow

leadener________lexical____slow____s________(my C-4 sandwich!!?)

___________________________(if I see that bitch!!?)______(he needs a Model A)

no, I was agreeable to the notion of torture and only categorize such my category (I’m so glad that that’s working)

(no, they’re like sixty.  Some of ’em can’t even see).  Decatur off hammer-off.  I’m going to quit.  (well, bag).

(stand by).  Shelly Berman (say woah)

(any fresh air come in yet?)____________ (I got it.  Depend your eight)

(big cats or little cats?)

How do humanists feel about Jesus?  I say of Jesus, a all humanists do, “If what he said is good, and so much of it is absolutely beautiful, what does it matter if he was God or not?”

Fine in your life.

(no problem)  (be careful what you think) (godda-be based on the Scritures)  (gee, rain it over) (just lean on me, when you’re not strong) (now I’m not me).  Mentioned balance, one of ’em, probably not too aware of what universe’ll  venue…(Why?  You got your mouth?)

But if Christ hadn’t delivered the Sermon on the Mount

Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without A Country____________(comments by the South) (fire). Two words (ends) BY (I recondite)

with its message of mercy and pity, I wouldn’t want to be a human being.

______________________ *

Human beings have had to guess about almost everything for the past million years or so.



_______The assistance — that’ll do is by preface-the… “the”‘s, to clerk this concentration-camp
_______camp-lebel level (splat)

spam  from 40 to 40,

_______input 21

_______Natches, New Mexico

_______2200 A.D.

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