Sun Huge

I had your kiss on my

news-032013f-lg this one goes out to the one i love fire xxxxxxxxx C3PO to the plants of the third kind: shooting war pest past now is yours, pacifist twilight...the farther escape, gar can Garçon!  To your left, Earth is driven from it, if we was Imperials.

news-032013f-lg this one goes out to the one i love fire xxxxxxxxx C3PO talks to plants of the third kind: shooting war pest past now is yours, pacifist twilight…the farther escape, gar can Garçon! To your left, a thrust chamber wrangler purchases.   Earth has driven Richter 9.9  from it, if we was Imperials.

list, a Newport, a method true in the forward time-serving sense, sent over. Desperate, there, there, Suzie. Suzie turning home to me a locket. Initials on the locket instruct us to tame each other in candler’s words.  Keep e’en, SEBSWAT ibid what that studio door said. I’ll never forget it. Repeat, Steve, dumb as to the cyclic rate of her.
liberry payz
get dirty like a two-year old?
cut out.
see ya’s
gauge freedom
two weeks


see the difference erasers code exec?  Is that good?

pick up a bowie

pin up a bowie

make sense, you couldn’t even kiester eavesdrop ziggie, fat losers


alreright _______________

_____________ |__ 12___ |


zed__________|________ |____________ can can you see in front of me, baby? 

___________ S O D A

___________ M O K A

___________ D O D A

my door, plants, mice

I should be shitting

I said I’m Miss Yuba City

First runner-up.

nao dude

You look like Juan Corona to me.



C___M       BL

G     ______U

OL _______ E



Paisano 30th, Left ||  Carnitas, 27th

the sound of mind control portion of today’s tip-off off-set off’n.________________________________  X come add that F-1 without its ducting for oxygen

Yeah, mysterious North Park voice.  Go back and smoke the bolt indeed, woof.  We got lots imaginary, some pieces decent.  We’re not going to charge you.  It’ll be illegal, ever nudist in its bell-bottom soakistry, Bolts ‘n Fins.

19, 18, a unitary 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9.  Y  H.

It’s part artistic, like Bogie was a pinner.  What else won’t it upload here, porn?  It’s part autistic.  Right, whatever.  Chili maneuvers.

That ws BB on Aug 19.  Take your time to fix that.

Ah, no, although it was a minute algo, now lie to me with your hand.

That dead person’s still here — I want beat someone, my jaw is clenched, Rudy you big cream puff.

Naw, naw naw.  Annes just his way.  They saw each other in the funnies.  Now what is it but that that moment’s gone

__________________  he he was dewing a lick-o wiss stick of tar heroin at a time ____________  777777, 8, 9, 10

that’s what I mean, accrued embedded each way but done.


uncompute that point to the addit force graph.  unconnection: dove_______________whenever I was lying, pull the cord bring this lying machine

not in front of it, brother.  I see you have Dave’s snakeskin, put ’em in the smoking section.

Seattle Bill, yeon leg

dragon I’d like you __ OR

____________________ O R.

POLISH surrealistic, pillow.  Polish it up.

quantum of drill to a__________________________pennies

matrix of trash resouls


regarding a rep, blisteries.



finished bareback

Sept 26_________________’13_________–query in for any fall left

Workin’, 2 bks, they both have a RE area, MS DOS attack, shears.

Just before…____________________________ why you are outside my teep?

________________________________________  running bird burned me?

__________________________________________yes I know if my license is current._________________ one is in the funny book.


pick up where you — where do you get this step melts — {2Ruth, Dorney}.  You better wha-? teacher steps around the corner.  I am definite; sun: huge

Pock Yeah, melted.  Jimmy’s laying back there drunk responding barfed up some chimichangas is all.  Close to Geneva in Switzerland, then turn.  Rhymes with C.E.R.N.  Pictures I could show you of me in front of the sign, rough to make out from the alps.  It’s the chert from England which gives it the properties including releasing gamma rays.  Come round Robbie will show you.


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