Re: To Be Parallel Spacetimes

Recite double unia



Why am I doing this?  Why?  I was losing track.  I have nothing missing in the theory, just hardware.  I found PNG, but it isn’t good enough and the plane lands tomorrow, from the helter-skelter route from Bogota.  I’d have to scan to fill in the plate on the how-to blog for this year.  Don’t they make what they make how they make it?

Looking around for real gods, like, you know our planet is too far away from other planets to meet aliens, and what we can see takes ever more distortion to fit into a picture.  I wasn’t going to post.  I wasn’t groping big Vanessa but she scooted by me.  Here’s something I wrote knowing we are insane, insane in this context is a temporary, like a portion of me doesn’t believe what I am told on television.  Insanity for me is not a burden, only prejudice bugs me.  I still see data and calculate abstractions that land and If I go there, we’ll start a constellation.  There will be a new Orion.

The mathematics take place with real objects in hand, with only two, two cookies will adopt a partial order no matter which half of the country’s hands hold ’em.

Yeah, just saying I don’t like stepping aside to do my thing, Earth tin bag-licker.

up the cause of what next happens with respect to those respective cookies.

I am sucked into an argument with my self, and it is good to be into two.

Hero #2 skipped the hex.  Post the fact we made up spelling.  Its goddess, Eterna, smells.

Barely is misspelled like Elizabeth’s hair.

There’s nothing times another thing

no shining hammer, no box

Two thumbs

two ribs

nothing half.

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The theory of graph spectra can, in a way, be considered as an attempt to utilize linear algebra including, in particular, the well-developed theory of matrices for the purposes of graph theory and its applications. However, that does not mean that the theory of graph spectra can be reduced to the theory of matrices; on the contrary, it has its own characteristic features and specific ways of reasoning that fully justifying it to be treated as a theory in its own right.

It has the curious feature that some of the main results, although purely combinatorial in character, seem in the present state of knowledge to be unobtainable without resorting to algebraic methods involving a consideration of eigenvalues of adjacency matrices of graphs. There are unexplored and semi-explored territories in graph theory. It will be apparent that the results achieved so far barely scratch the surface of what appears to be a rich area of investigation.


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