Thap! Skit! Not A Toy!

Enter the district of my-my could line.  “Hid”, would be if I have

Something to the screed that isn’t remembered.

But remember, I’m only sixty.  That hippopotamus and his brother

and ten.  His brother is so brilliant, glistening.  Vega had me saying their obtuses

and to razz ’em.  Ah, don’t blame

for there is no way to remember to blame.  I blame Oval.  Carry berries.

Oh that’s hard.  point neuf.

Neuves are if you have an unforgiver and two splits occur.

I’m not doing it.  recycle bin.

I was temporarily reading. My eyes give me away.  In jest, it is a Kathryn Hepburn tune-up.______ Wire

While considering crashing, how can you not consider crashing faster?

That is, I am secondary read.  The matter is degree

If I nodded off, and I was not at off, I go the title

says junky stuff.  At the end.  Is the end of what you


ringing in the ears?  This is a pleasure to answer.

We are reading to fail writing animals [VETA]-

_______________________________________________123456 [RETA]


O noble savage upon a crazy geezle.

I’m not going to spell it out for you.  Pass ciaos* down to the next person.

___________________________________________ –The Major Microphone

Secure creaks

A little bit hard to remember every creak and my memory has to time a second time.

I feel obliged to defend every love, every ending.

I refute the idea that any of my letters at ten can’t be recalled in orders

and that computer arrives at sunset.  The sun babies you in knowledge

making sure like Bruce Springsteen

whether carrots are what you got in your stocking.

I’m not drinking coffee.  Mayday!

_________ deserters _______ deserve

think it up___________________ are you the idiot

____________________________________-strongarm geek

compare you are wrong to animals

you losed

I am under duress to spread ’em

_________ k

[okay destop to’s.  Standard non-finite.  Keep that up and I read the fucking manual and send a squatter to MacAfee in Belize]

_________ ^

I’m not in for bear-


Understanding must be nontechnical.  *Coax**

_______________________________ **who called me?

It is the little tag-off

Of ESP now to me, giddier than a nome, a number or a category

It will tell me in mechanical sounds what is near

even if the circuit tensor is keep-on-going.

People in no-touch land are called pariahs.

Is that clerical?

kit E E K

Are you free of coal?

It is proven logic that you dan.

mode k = 0, p= 1

mode k = 0, p= 1

mode k = 1, p = 2

mode k = 1, p = 2

Plate Theory Wikipedia Math
The dishes back are the set of
partial differential operators
put del marked it at tangent

7 Responses to “Thap! Skit! Not A Toy!”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Blinding the cat will allow
    the animal “Seven”
    “treating people with your
    poison chest” well, derp Ozzy.
    we’re doing solids.
    I was paranoid
    but in darkness the nonturnerr=
    may as well be an xy construction
    at an extensive lock
    {0,1,2} pains
    the post is up-fuck post
    mission is a failure (“Rock” to “soft rock”, 35 more members zine)
    human lid
    I proof I
    The onto/if/lt thing linearized at one time
    pretty well shot one-dimensional

    the kind of man must linearly in kind op.
    .1524 WORD ____ WORD

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    few nine
    and so
    says B
    about you

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    A “froglike” you escapes
    help me

    “429301” blind FOLD me, Death.
    17 x is your mind
    17 is Q to you its shallow ledger
    so drop the oxygen masks

    YYC You’re having a god time, baby
    1 living 2 fast
    25253 probability
    I have that among other things here: [0,1]
    Or at least have the guts not to margin.

    Now you know the scene
    You’re skin starts turning green 8, 9, 10 alligator mutation

    Holes are in your skin
    CIA Yours,
    Skuff’s Apache helicopter

    Now You’re gonna die rise of life entice 234 implies
    567, any 456

    923924 home
    I W I X

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    An old post always settles me from the half-assed Meyers, where one feels he is turning into sausages and other sauced items.

    “wiggle forum”, one such pos
    oh you can have the pestilence
    we were using the same word
    when that was just an accident AT FIRST
    Slock and you are pumping y scene full
    fill as I do a drive-by you

    entry was posted on Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:40:05 +0000 at 4:40 pm and is file

    Their god loves vile tings. rmemmber the Pharaohs are evil.

    Farrah is deceased as of 6/25/09. To anyone who cares
    you can excommunicate me five seven two one on my way
    to Sunday school, and mass. You should believe your AC/DC honor pants.

    The person who does it said we were always
    along with the inner lattice rods of the ratchetiest calm.

    By way of firm reply
    Every net rises into reality
    and keep me from happening
    And rising and falling up
    but that’s the only measure of my word.


    Now banjos
    you can send the bishops to harmonize these lines

    I put the butterflies, Phil, on the Scribd “Clandestine Chemist” post
    From the bitchenest fame boy ZERO, author.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    The knew he no.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    Viewer Before
    The runna
    the tunnel
    says frog. gov

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    B said
    FBI was saying words.
    Ah, noodles knew new is new B will B up 2/3
    make your depth frothm
    Southern and California.

    Don’t hey combine lividity
    The dead could move for you inside.

    is a reflection on HEY
    The baby fear
    is that to hover and 187
    you are markable to remarkable
    out of all seconds
    hell, to her they’re long..

    Did you who it out on denying that “8:11” ran into the date
    and said out of the way?

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