These No-Categories

You chose your old king.

____________________ KKing.

I’ll leave that up to you

___________________r mother.


When you told me, “you” told “him”, believe me
Now, tonight it is deny nowhere, about
matter of the sun’s
If there’s no matter
information’s not very deep.
It only seems like years
between meeting people
who grab their crotch
saying that this
is what searching for Al on Facebook does.
But, not a day goes by that I don’t
let them in on my rarity.
It turns me on to call a man all
that he means to me
There is no right that you have
no matter how financing enters it
to keep your stocking feet stuck down
and your spine unsnapped
A normal person gonna kill ‘ya
who is a detective in their
comfortable time
sleeps with the fishes.
That’s why we are training officers,
Look normal, for I am telling you
we are out here.
we are who your parents warned you about
Forty years back when I wanted to…
Now I want to…
Sleep with the flashes.
Where you will want these
I know that you care
so go continue with Lyndon Baines Johnson
and so he doesn’t feel alone
getting too puffy
Where’s you want these (chair)
for want of true copy
know that you care

and it’s written all over the land

Crystal Vole Hernandez

The categories are too busy.
I am interested in what I am writing out, a pink one.
I must write it where a pattern of earlier events is not making
“this” play off of “that”.
We aren’t contaminated
in the end.  All meantime
My asshole is protected.  Payday, fuck it.
Gotta gotta get off on the twenties.

Bud, Ryan you little choker.  Kismet.
What if someone calls you out
but you don’t fight them?
Then, on your way inside the cunt
Thinking it is about getting it?
Boy, you’re going to carry that weight
(‘course, we’ll make you walk it off again
every time I see you, injun.)

•after trackback (1)
•Awesome (1)
•chemistry included (30)
•chemical structures art (1)
•electrochemistry (2)
•Clandestine laboratory (10)

_____Bets (2)

_____beat it (1)
____Hidden Drug Subculture Sourcing (5)
•Drawered I’m random (1)
•Econ (2)
_____The Asshurts kind (2)
_____Traps come around and get tighter (1)
•for further research (5)
•For one thing (1)
•Good That I Heard people saying Methamphetamine like a dirty_______________________________ word (1)
•Grapefruit (1)
•He’d Only Encourage Puppet-Mastery!! (1)
•Heat (1)
•Includes mathematical notation (1)
_____Iowaho (1)
______Odaho (1)
•Kamon Dama (1)
•Lady Haw-Haw (1)
•Lick it (5)
_____ It is going to have male gems (1)_________lava___________ direction, or a reflection _____________about an axis

______Rater Dart Class Meta Deletions (1)_____________________ I try to memorize it.  I play a cardinal ____to consume many of these gambit moves.  Move!__

___________________________________ K K K______________________ ARE YOU STAYING?

__________________________________  K K K ______________________ Then I find an unknown.en

__________________________________KK K K_______________________ unt.

•Math (1)____________________________________________________   _____Then I lay a chalk line down
•moon coke (580.2)_______________________ pick it up –true it — _______tautness is everything, snappers
•Narrative (2)_____________________________You know how ______sometimes, one more look like you crawled out of
•Nonsense (10)______________________________a bruise, how the rain comes,a bruise, how the rain comes,
•Nynees (1)___________________________________________________________________just ____how do you get back to the top?____________ mech.
_____&K’s (1)
•Omenously Heat My Uncategorized Steady Omen (1)
•Pedestrians (1)
•power failure (1)
_____my bad (1)
•sci saturate (2)________________________________ close _______two where I can cross over in absolute value
 _____first line as title (1)_______________________searching ______tether arrived
_____transcribed notes (1)______________________ending consistency (blend) beginning
•Sourcing chemicals secretly (3)
•Telephone (1)__________________machine
•The world of the paranormal (16)
______ ESP Post (2)
•Topologized (1)_________certified blues
•Trackbacks (1)
•Trials (2)
 ______Scopes (1)
______Stokes (1)
•Tu Tu Jones (1)
•U understand Y-No Most Useless Tag? (1)__________________ they could not hold for mod
•Unacceptable (1)___________________________________________I don’t _______know, maybe I’m wrong.  You say that you don’t care.
•Uncategorized (836)________________________________________judgement 1
•Unclegorized (2)________ hand in hand
•UncleSam (1)____________ we walked along
•under you citing experience (1)
•Unegorized (1)___________singin’ that same old song.

•Unocluewhodatis (1)
•Unpossiblfuck (1)
•Unsecured (1)
•war criminals (5)
•Why didgie? (1)
•why’d I— (9)
•why’d you say— (1)
•Yew would would-gie? We’ll see! (1)
•Yoko? (1)
______Oh How High Yoko (1)

Are you yet to have mastered the list?
Buckled-up naked
Whenever you build some “this”
clinical of your home
blow it — off, attitude,______________________see me
up, you know, a
the nerve. A rake
had one bar
kickin’. I let me
know: one POW! is
glassing over eight
unique bars

_________________________ pizza

line “that” load

O seize beer

Afoot: let's creep people saying own the ending and you operate orderly

Afoot: let’s creep people saying own the ending and you operate orderly

Amaiquero Restaurant Authority

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