8 Minutes, No, Thirty-five Minutes; They’re Clean, Cooked

The sun in the sky is fallin’

Summer leavin’________________________________ I E-ayed

the birds are calling


last song

I just SEB-per is…

*_______________________________ lay me down _____________ * _________________ nwod em yal _______________ *

Do no bothers, chemically, but you’ll be cooked walking — pig — pick your feet up — cat do not listen — as the sue weasel fells…no other man…

the network path — Nagg ate four cats — was not found.

“Meddle” was not found.  Threlkeld party-V& his — where, when will there be, Gilmouf?

people switch sockets ran do_____ (M)_______ze windows

SEB You know that one, “Turning Japanese”?

Oscone___________ flip

Rogers ____________ whadt’d you do

SEB share {Pig!  Fluff!  Scoot!  A little hair of Volga boltmen}

I guide my finger to a redonned grease spot.  Teh only part.

Finely falling “sun”

summer sunday and a year

this is the best part_______________________ YYou sat in that end.

the best part of the trip_____________________ Output test charge

HEIGHT____I I’m open_________________________ oooon fade.

I like it fine.________________________________ I increase the number of sides of a lock on two.

im write show

my queue, sir.

I’ve drafts

come ’round______________________ do with popcorn

My couse of force

______cursor cursor______________________________Ex-arrow, meet with ___________ Puff, the plum dragon

 — has no force.  badly titled,

so were-whim

_________________________________________________________________________________ formed.


Haz a joke — sprung?


_______   /

we lack the swell.



across the sand 

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